Buddhism and The Beats (Ginsberg 1993 – I – Introduction)
July 15, 2017
A real treat this weekend – with gratitude to Robyn Brentano and students from the NYU Ethnographic Film Program – “Buddhism and the Beats.”. “In 1993, Allen Ginsberg spoke to a gathering of students of the Tibetan Buddhist monk, Lobsang Samten, about the impact of Buddhist thought and practice on himself, the[…]
Trungpa Visits Allen’s Class – 4 (Q & A – 3)
July 21, 2015
[Allen Ginsberg             Student  …..he says why talk about the “”I’ which interests me not at all, and he goes on to describe other things. He wasn’t interested in describing himself as (in) personal history, so, in that sense, there wasn’t (that) sort of obsession[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 101 – Haiku and Trikaya – 2
June 2, 2015
It struck me that the one perfect haiku  that I wrote in Court the other day (sic), in Golden Courthouse, did actually examine, ((in) hindsight, written before (Chogyam) Trungpa (Rinpoche)’s discourse), did actually fit into that (three-part conception). The first line was – “In Golden Court, waiting for the[…]
The 1996 National Security Archive Interview – part 2
May 31, 2015
                    Allen’s 1996 Interview for the National Security Archive at George Washington University continues from here AG: So I found I was kicked out by the Prague police and the Havana police. Then, when I got back, I took part in[…]
Expansive Poetics – 61 – (Michael McClure)
June 4, 2014
                                             GOOOOOOR! GOOOOOOOOOO!  GOOOOOOOOOR! GRAHHH! GRAHH! GRAHH! Grah gooooor! Ghahh! Graaarr! Greeeeer! Grayowhr! Greeeeee GRAHHRR! RAHHR! GRAGHHRR! RAHR! RAHRIRAHHR! GRAHHHR! GAHHR! HRAHR! BE NOT SUGAR BUT BE LOVE looking for sugar! GAHHHHHHHH! ROWRR! GROOOOOOOOOOH!         Student: I want to mention that Michael McClure has created something called  a Grahh language.. AG: Yeah, beast[…]
Spiritual Poetics – 9 (Milarepa Didn’t Have A Tape-Recorder)
August 10, 2011
Allen Ginsberg’s Spiritual Poetics class continues from – here  AG: Before going on, I would like to read, in that context, a couple of texts – William Carlos Williams, and a little scribbling by (Jack) Kerouac . But I wanted also to continue with the notebook/tape-machine problem. Means. With tape-machines.. if you[…]
Spiritual Poetics 6
August 5, 2011
Allen Ginsberg on Spiritual Poetics continues Student: It encourages me that India has had this experience of yoga and meditation for a millennia, tho’ I don’t get the sense that Hindus write poetry like yours. AG: They sure do! Student: They write the Vedas and the write the hymns to the deities,[…]
The Dharmic Dirty Old Man – Jim Edwards Interviews Allen Ginsberg
November 15, 2010
A fantastic interview digest that offers a snapshot of Allen in the late 1970s. Originally published in The Collegian in 1977, it’s reprinted here online in Oklahoma’s This Land In case you might end up wondering, the “Cotten-clad-One” (sic) referenced is Tibetan yogi[…]