Jack Kerouac Writes A Letter To Marlon Brando
April 3, 2018
Marlon Brando‘s birthday today. We figured we’d feature the classic letter (belatedly discovered)  written, circa 1957, to him by Jack Kerouac – “Dear Marlon, I’m praying you’ll buy On The Road and make a movie of it…” Nothing sadly came of it. (“Brando is a shit, doesn’t answer letter from (the) greatest[…]
Jack Kerouac to Allen Ginsberg November 1957
November 30, 2017
Another Ginsberg letter today – this one to Allen (dated November 30, 1957 – sixty years ago today) from Jack Kerouac in Orlando, Florida to Allen in Paris.  Jack confesses he’s drunk,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 328
August 11, 2017
The treasure-trove that is the recently-digitalized Stanford archive is starting to unpack itself. Last week, Jay Barmann at the SFist, spotlighted a particularly choice gem (two gems, in fact) – Ginsberg and Bob Dylan, talking backstage, on December 11, 1965, in San Francisco,[…]
Friday the 13th – Friday Weekly Round-Up – 56
January 13, 2012
Some time since the last “Weekly Round-Up”, and we begin this, the first one of the New Year, with “Hollywood scoop” – more news on John Krokidas’ upcoming (2013) thriller, Kill Your Darlings (based around the David Kammerer murder). We (and everyone else) reported a[…]