Syllabic Poetry – 1 (Herrick)
July 10, 2017
AG: So in order to strike a “second heat/ upon the Muse’s anvil”, using Robert Herrick as a model, I want now to enter onto the whole subject, not of length of syllables in a line, but the count of syllables in the line (because that’s something we haven’t[…]
Marianne Moore (on Eternality)
June 13, 2017
AG: Then there’s a poem by Marianne Moore about (James Shirley’s poem) “Only the actions of the just/ Smell sweet, and blossom in the dust”) – Do you know that? Has anybody heard that? It’s from Marianne Moore.   –  […]
Rose-Cheek’d Laura’s Centrality
September 28, 2016
AG: So you’ll find in the twentieth-century,  (Ezra) Pound, (Basil) Bunting, (Louis) Zukofsky, Robert Duncan, some of (Robert) Creeley, all derive from this poem or from the practice of this poem. It’s sort of like the secret inner measure of[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 2
August 14, 2016
continuing from yesterday – Jim Carroll’s workshop  JC: Well, I’m going to play a song that was a great..  one of my favorites… ..Actually, I’m going to play this early Velvet Underground song and then I’m going to play a Phil Ochs song. For some reason, Phil Ochs and The Velvet Underground[…]
Ginsberg on Late Auden
September 29, 2015
W.H.Auden (1907-1973)   AG: So from that (from Robert Bridges),  we get into, I think you have the Vernon Watkins and the.. Student: Auden AG: There’s[…]
Marianne Moore on Allen Ginsberg
November 15, 2014
Marianne Moore (who’s birthday it is today) writing to the young Allen Ginsberg. Allen, on the advice of William Carlos Williams, had forwarded an early manuscript of poems July 4 1952 Dear Mr Ginsberg. I have been thinking about this manuscript which you have left me. I[…]
Expansive Poetics – 31 (WCW & Others)
February 26, 2014
tape resumes in media res.. class discussion of traditional and modernist metrics AG:…. how many (syllables in the) French alexandrine? Student: Twelve AG: Twelve. And if you write in eight, eleven, or twelve syllables, pretty soon you develop an automatic body ear for being able to do it. Among moderns, Kenneth Rexroth‘s[…]
Expansive Poetics – 30 (The Spirit of Romance)
February 25, 2014
AG:  To make a long story short, (Ezra) Pound went to Venice, (and) studied some classical languages and Renaissance, and Provencal poetries, specializing in two areas – one, where the language moved, from Latin to a provincial language, that is to say, where writers made the transition from writing in classical Latin[…]
Expansive Poetics – 29 (Longfellow’s Metrics)
February 24, 2014
[“The degredation of life in America” – William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) annotated typescript –  c.Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale, Connecticut ] Student: Did they manage to do it? (find a way[…]