The Tradition of Reznikoff & Williams
October 26, 2015
William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)  – Photograph via University of Pennsylvania Archives AG:… that Williams was still preoccupied by some kind of modernism, some kind[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 65 – (Whitman 8)
March 23, 2015
  Ginsberg on Whitman continues AG: I’m extending this discussion so far because, when considered this way, it does bring up the problem, then, (of), has he  given up his self, or is he actually trying to find a way to fit himself in, without sacrificing self? He’s not giving up[…]
Expansive Poetics – 83 (Anna Akhmatova – 4 – A Poem Without A Hero)
July 14, 2014
  Allen continues his survey of the works of Anna Akhmatova AG: And the later, even more complicated poem. “A Poem Without A Hero”, including herself, in other words, a poem in which even she is not the hero because the devastation is so total, and so devastating. I don’t think that’s[…]
Stay Away From The White House
November 18, 2013
 “Stay Away From The White House”, a new (videotaped) version (with Dutch sub-titles) has emerged, from 1980, taken off Dutch television. The original is from the San Francisco State University Poetry Archives, and was recorded in 1974. The song was composed on Christmas Day (December 25) 1973  It might be interesting[…]
Investigative Poetics – 5 – (Drugs – 2)
November 6, 2013
Allen on “Investigative Poetics” continues AG: Well all this is simply to say that there was some kind of vast and large-scale weird conspiracy to interfere with people’s lives, to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, to tell niggers (sic) to stop smoking grass, or tell white people to stop (emulating) the niggers[…]
City Lights 60th Anniversary
June 23, 2013
Happy (60th) Birthday City Lights Bookstore! City Lights Publications! City Lights! Abandon All Despair, Ye Who Enter Here, the City Lights blog is here City Lights web-site is here City Lights Allen Ginsberg page here[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 48
September 11, 2012
Allen, continues his August 1975 remarks on the Later Poems of William Carlos Williams. AG: And so his “pre-art” comment to that (Williams in his “Introduction” to The Wedge – “It could be that my interests expressed here are pre-art) is the first poem of this book (The Collected Later Poems of[…]
Remembering Harry Smith
November 27, 2011
“It was twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play”. No, wait a minute, it wasn’t, it was twenty years ago today that Harry Smith died. [2018 update, 27 years now} We already made a pretty comprehensive posting, which we would draw your attention to – here, but wanted[…]
Howlingly Cute – Boing Boing on PressPop’s Ginsberg Figurine
October 2, 2010
Some decent press on Archer Prewitts’s Presspop Ginsberg figurine from the good people at Boing Boing –  Douglas Rushkoff  guest-blogs about it  – “Howlingly Cute”  – It sure is. “One of my favorite musicians and artists, Archer Prewitt, best known for the comic Sof’ ‘Boy and band Sea and Cake has just[…]