Naropa Summer Writing Program 2017

Starting tomorrow – the 2017 session of the Naropa Summer Writing Program.

Here are all the details. From June 11 to July 1st – “The New Weathers” – Anne Waldman explains: “By The New Weathers, we intend to name the ramifications of climate change wrought in the Anthropocene. The luminous details evidencing these changes abound, and daily the case of inevitably grows. These are urgent days, and a new world is possible––and this world is yet worth struggling for. To face facts with creative and spirited resolve; to see through webs of ignorance and power; to witness and study, … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 115


[Lucien Carr & friends, with one of his sons, either Caleb or Simon, East 9th St & 3rd Ave , NYC 1959 . Still from “Untitled Kerouac Ginsberg Carr and Friends film“]

Lucien Carr‘s birthday today. Poor Lucien. Dear Lucien. Destined to be carrying an awful lot of karmic weight in the coming months (courtesy the unsolicited spotlight of Kill Your Darlings)

See our 2011 posting about Lucien – Holy March 1st (Lucien) – here Douglas Messerli on the Pip (Project For Innovative Poetry) blog reprints his 1977 Washington Post Book World review of Allen’s … Read More