Jim Carroll workshop continues – 3 – (Bob Dylan)
August 20, 2016
This weekend, following on from last weekend, transcription of the 1980 Jim Carroll music and poetics workshop at Naropa continues. For the two previous segments – see here and here JC: And also I mean, like, people, eventually, knew where his influences were coming from, whereas they didn’t know where[…]
The Selected Prose of Bobbie-Louise Hawkins
August 11, 2012
Another book we’ve been “meaning to get to” and are more than happy to announce – Barbara Henning‘s edition of The Selected Prose of Bobbie-Louise Hawkins (there’s also another title, a reprint of some early poems), bringing Bobbie-Louise Hawkins’ talkative distinctive work, happily, back into the world (It had long been a[…]