Larry Fagin (1937-2017)

Larry Fagin, poet, editor, teacher, long-time leading member of the so-called “New York School” of poetry, died yesterday. He was 79 years old. An important co-worker with Allen at Naropa (and, coincidentally, upstairs neighbour in his 12th Street tenement in Manhattan), he was, (though not himself a Buddhist), alongside fellow St Marks poet, Anne Waldman, one of the key figures in the initial years of that on-going experiment. Allen himself was quite unequivocal – “I don’t know of a better editor and teacher of poetry and prose than Fagin”, he once declared. Larry’s early teaching there can … Read More

Joanne Kyger’s Birthday

Happy Birthday! – Happy Scorpio Birthday – Joanne! – It’s the birthday today of the great Joanne Kyger. Her 2012 reading at the St Marks Poetry Project may be viewed here

A Naropa reading from the same year can be found here (and includes the following  “found piece”  – “Allen Ginsberg On His Search” – Allen Ginsberg, in Chile, 1960, staying with the poet Nicanor Parra outside Santiago – “I wish I knew who, if anyone, there is to work with who knows, if anyone knows, who I am, or what I am. I got so depressed after a … Read More