Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 311
April 14, 2017
The Best Minds of My Generation – A Literary History of the Beats – Bill Morgan’s masterly collection of Allen’s teaching wisdom   (from Naropa and Brooklyn College)[…]
The Beat Generation – A Literary History (1953-1957)
April 13, 2017
Tomorrow is the official publication date of the new Ginsberg tome The Best Minds of My Generation – A  Literary History of The Beats,  edited by Bill Morgan. April 13, on this day, thirty-five years ago, in Boulder, “in preparation for this summer’s Great ON THE ROAD festival”  (the twenty-five year celebration[…]
Ezra Pound – Two “Piths” From The ABC of Reading
April 11, 2017
AG: The ABC of Reading from Ezra Pound – yeah how many know that? I recommend taking a look at that or buying it, or reading it. It’s a litttle anthology, like a teaching anthology, to hit high points and special effects in .. you know, Mike? (sic) have you read it?[…]
Ezra Pound Cantos – LXXXI – 1
April 6, 2017
– “Lawes and Jenkyns guard thy rest” Allen Ginsberg, on Ezra Pound in The Cantos…. AG: Now, look what Ezra Pound did with this.  Could.. this is.. just like the other one that you went over with Stanley (Lombardo) last term – “drop[…]
Ben Jonson – (The Triumph of Charis)
March 29, 2017
 continuing with Ben Jonson AG:   Yeah, well I want to get on to “The Triumph of Charis” – Charis? – Charis. Do you know what that is? It’s a play, originally, I imagine, from a play, or  a longer poem[…]
A Ben Jonson Reading List
March 27, 2017
AG: I guess it’s nine-thirty. So we’ll go on to Ben Jonson next. And I think I gave you what I  suggested from Jonson was..  two.. do you still have that page?.. two-fifty-two –  (the poem) on his first son – “On My First Son” (“Farewell, thou child of[…]
A Post-Thanksgiving Elizabethan Reading List
November 26, 2016
Reading Assignments – AG: Well, okay, it’s about 9.30 almost. For next round, George Peele, page 183, George Peele – Writhe in “Hot sun, Cold fire”. Do we have any Robert Greene in our book? some Robert Greene.. Robert Southwell’s “Burning Babe” page 186..Samuel Daniel “Care-Charmer Sleep“, 187…is it on there?… yeah[…]
A Brief Detour on Metrics -1
November 23, 2016
Allen continuing his class on Sir Philip Sidney‘s poem   Student; So after that? AG: Well, I don’t know. What happened to the “of”? – […]
Philip Sidney – “Fool” said my Muse..”
November 22, 2016
  Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) AG: (Sir Philip) Sidney’s Sonnets are pretty funny. Number one, particularly – 176 – a couple of pages later – Remember Anne (Waldman) the other day read, in her reading, she read a sonnet that was.. “My love is like my love and she’s like me, and[…]
Ginsberg’s “Woe unto thee Manhattan” (An Early Sonnet)
November 17, 2016
AG: I think.. I wrote.. When I first read Jack Kerouac’s first book, I wrote a sonnet imitating this, that ended something like.. something very similar with “Woe unto..” (yes, “Sion is…”  “Sion lies waste, and thy Jerusalem,/ O Lord, is fall’n to utter desolation” Woe unto thee, Manhattan, woe to thee,[…]