Larry Fagin (1937-2017)

Larry Fagin, poet, editor, teacher, long-time leading member of the so-called “New York School” of poetry, died yesterday. He¬†was 79 years old. An important co-worker with Allen at Naropa (and, coincidentally, upstairs neighbour in his 12th Street tenement in Manhattan), he was, (though not himself a Buddhist),¬†alongside fellow St Marks poet, Anne Waldman, one of the key figures in the initial years of that on-going experiment. Allen himself was quite unequivocal – “I don’t know of a better editor and teacher of poetry and prose than Fagin”, he once declared. Larry’s early teaching there can … Read More

Robert Creeley

Our much-loved and much-missed friend, Robert Creeley was born on this date, May 21 1926.

This extraordinary page – is a portal to some of his extraordinary poetry. is pretty comprehensive too. A video of him reading at the Cue Gallery in New York in 2005 can be accessed here, and one (of him reading for the Lannan Foundation in Los Angeles, some fifteen years earlier) may be found here. Distinctive readings of classic early poems include this (“After Lorca”) and this (The Dishonest Mailman”) and this (“The Ballad of the Despairing Husband”). Read More