Saturday May 20 (Robert Creeley)
May 20, 2017
Robert Creeley would have been ninety-one tomorrow, May 21st (he died in 2005). In honor of the great man and his birthday, we present, this weekend, another transcription from the extraordinary Bay Area Writers series (from back in 1975-76) – (see also here and here) – Rudimentary recording equipment, so there are,[…]
Jack Kerouac and Kenneth Patchen
June 23, 2015
Student: Would you put down Kenneth Patchen’s  The Journal of Albion Midnight in that kind of category?   AG:  I haven’t read it in so long, but I think that The Journal of Albion Moonlight does not quite have as much central focus point. See, this whole book (Kerouac’s Mexico[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 55 (Edward Carpenter 2)
March 28, 2013
AG: A poem (by Edward Carpenter) that I’ve always liked is “From Turin to Paris”  He’s riding in the train from Italy to Paris and it’s a long detailed description of the entire train trip. I got turned on to that kind of travel-detail poetry by[…]
Beat Treasure – UND Writers Conference 1974
April 19, 2011
[The City Lights in North Dakota Conference, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, sponsored by the UND English Department, was the first of many Beat related conferences recognizing the cultural importance of the Beats. Clockwise from top left: Michael McClure,Gregory Corso, Miriam Patchen, Kenneth Rexroth, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Peter Orlovsky, Gary Snyder,[…]