Alice Notley on Allen Ginsberg – 1
September 10, 2018
The feature this week – Alice Notley‘s keynote speech at the Allen Ginsberg Symposium, this past May 5th, at the St Marks Poetry Project in New York – on Allen[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 374
July 13, 2018
Allen Ginsberg celebrations last night in Salerno, Italy – a collaboration between Casa della Poesia and La Locanda del Mare, presented by Sergio Iagulli, Raffaella Marzano and Giancarlo Cavallo, and drawing from the extensive audio[…]
WNET (Koch and Ashbery) – Kenneth Koch
February 10, 2018
 Another of the WNET poetry films that we’ve been featuring. This weekend – Kenneth Koch and John Ashbery  – Today, the young  Kenneth Koch KK: There’s an awful lot in my poems that I don’t understand at the time of writing them and if I understand them as I write them[…]
Allen Ginsberg 1985 Naropa reading
December 31, 2017
Continuing from yesterday’s Eric Mottram-Philip Whalen reading Allen Ginsberg  (following some brief announcements of upcoming readings by Anne Waldman) Anne Waldman introduces Allen Ginsberg:; AW: Allen Ginsberg – Guggenheim Fellow and member of the American Institute of Arts and Letters, the author of Howl, Kaddish, Planet News, The[…]
Herrick’s Daffodils
July 31, 2017
AG: And then there’s a very nice one “To Daffodils”.. in term of the meter count, no, in terms of the syllable count. Dig what he’s got there – “Fair Daffodils, we weep to see (eight syllables) /You haste away so soon (six syllables)/ As yet the early-rising sun (eight syllables)/Has not[…]
Kenneth Koch Q and A continued
October 18, 2015
Kenneth Koch Q & A from 1979 continues KK:  Maybe we should have some more questions. What would you like me to tell you about? Student: What do you at Columbia? KK: I teach three courses there. I’m a regular Professor. I[…]
Kenneth Koch Q & A
October 17, 2015
            Two weeks ago, we featured transcript of “New York School” poet, Kenneth Koch speaking at Naropa (back in 1979). This weekend we continue that with transcript of the Q & A that followed his lecture Student: You.. When you write, do you get edited at all?   KK: I’ve[…]
Kenneth Koch’s 1979 Naropa Class
October 3, 2015
                                                               Kenneth Koch last week – Here’s transcription of Kenneth’s (Summer Academy of Practicing Writers) May 26, 1979 Naropa class[…]
Ginsberg-Koch-Waldman reading
September 26, 2015
    From the incomporable Naropa University Archives, another vintage audio tape this weekend – (from June 25, 1979)  a reading that took place in Denver, (Colorado), featuring Allen, alongside Kenneth Koch and Anne Waldman Anne’s voice (a brief excerpt from a poem and a brief note of introduction) begins the tape,[…]
Expansive Poetics 102 – (Robert Desnos)
August 21, 2014
AG: We also have, moving on fast to Robert Desnos, who died in a concentration camp during World War II – 1900 you’ll find him.. – “The Voice of Robert Desnos” – “So much like the flower and[…]