WCW on WNET continued
December 17, 2017
USA Poetry – William Carlos Williams –  transcript continues  (see here) [note –  on occasion some from the Letters of William Carlos Williams To Kay Boyle (1932) “Dear Kay Boyle….. There is no workable poetic form extant among us today..Joyce and Stein have..gone out of their way to draw down the attention[…]
Sunday May 21 (Robert Creeley)
May 21, 2017
Robert Creeley continued (from yesterday) Sunday May 21 – Robert Creeley’s birthday today. We continue with our transcript of his 1976 Bay Area Writers reading RC  I thought possibly to read a few of the poems that would’ve come from that time of ..of being in the city…just seeing[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 132
September 10, 2013
Student: I’d like to ask you and Philip Whalen what languages that you read poetry in besides English and in what ways you[…]