What The East Means To Me – Allen Ginsberg at Kyota Seika

Yesterday’s transcription of Allen’s Q & A at the Kyoto Seika University, Japan, on November 2 1988,┬áis followed today by footage (and transcription) of the full lecture – “What the East Means To Me” – Katagiri Yuzuru is once again the accomplished interpreter/translator. Our thanks, once again, to videographer, Ken Rodgers.

AG: So.. the subject is “What the East Means To Me”. So I will give a chronological account. One of my first memories was of the Pop figure, Pop art figure, kitsch figure, or comic-strip figure of a sinister Oriental, a Chinaman, Fu Manchu. He had a long … Read More

Allen Ginsberg at Kyoto Seika University 1988 Q & A

Footage from Allen’s 1988 visit to Japan – the Q & A following his lecture, given on November 3rd, 1988, at Kyoto Seika University on “What The East Means to Me”. Allen stands in front of a packed lecture-hall and delivers a number of clear and trenchant observations on ecology and on the process of composition. Katagiri Yuzuru provides simultaneous translation. The video is by Ken Rodgers for the Kyoto Journal.

Student: If the East means nothing to you, what does the West mean to you?

AG: Hyper-industrialized aggression. Just as there has been an exchange of nothing from East … Read More