Richard Lovelace
December 28, 2017
AG: Now we’ll find out about him..let’s see, Lovelace’s history. He was a friend of… Dick Lovelace was a friend of Jack Suckling, as you remember. Lets see now.. what is this?,.. born in Woolwich, 1618, died in Gunpowder Alley, near Shoe Lane, London, April 1658.. he was an[…]
Sir John Suckling – 6 ( “The Deformed Mistress”)
December 14, 2017
Allen’s notes on John Suckling continue and conclude AG: And then the last…  then there are two other poems that are worth checking out – “The Deformed Mistress” ( this is written by[…]
Sir John Suckling – 5 (Suckling and Jonson)
December 13, 2017
   Then he  also was quite a scholar and was interested in the same things we are in poetics so he did a little imitation of (Ben) Jonson’s poem on page two-sixty, the “Oh so white…” – remember that one that we[…]
Sir John Suckling – 4
December 12, 2017
AG: So on page three fifty-four. (more Suckling) – “Out upon it I have loved three whole days together” – “Out upon it, I have lov’d/Three whole days together;/And am like[…]
Sir John Suckling – 3
December 11, 2017
AG:  Well, he ’s got this “Ballad Upon A Wedding“ (page three hundred and fifty-one), which is a long poem, probably addressed to his friend, the poet (Richard)[…]
Sir John Suckling – 2
December 7, 2017
continued from yesterday  AG: So Suckling is one of those characters who was on the side of the King but he’s an extraordinary person. So, of all people, he needs a little biographical background to get something of the panache, lilt, flair, charm, Jimmy Dean-esque quality, of his[…]
Sir John Suckling – 1
December 6, 2017
Allen’s 1980 Naropa class on Basic Poetics continues AG: Let’s start in the anthology with Sir John Suckling  (page three forty-nine),  with the poem called “Song”, which my father used to stomp around the house and recite when he was  teaching it in high school all the time  because[…]