Blake continues – 5
December 4, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues AG: This was his first attempt at a seven or septenary (line),  as they call it, I think – a fourteener.  At the beginning of Jerusalem, Blake, conscious of Milton, wrote a little thing to the public.  Let’s see, what was Milton’s called?  The little note[…]
Blake continues – 3
November 29, 2018
AG: So Milton’s Paradise Lost is an account of the fall of man. Well, the revolt in heaven – Satan revolting in heaven, falling into hell with all of his counselors and assistant  […]
Blake continues – 2
November 27, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem ,“The French Revolution” continues AG: And so let’s turn to Milton (Paradise Lost)  for a few minutes.  Well, let’s get Burgundy’s speech (in ” The French Revolution”) first. Is anybody interested in reading this aloud? Who is[…]
Miltonic Psalm Notations
March 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 Basic Poetics class (at Naropa) – continuing from here AG: So, the next experiment I did (was) with Miltonics – Milton. This is my Miltonics. It was pretty sick Miltonics.  Because what it is,  is a total[…]
Sir John Suckling – 1
December 6, 2017
Allen’s 1980 Naropa class on Basic Poetics continues AG: Let’s start in the anthology with Sir John Suckling  (page three forty-nine),  with the poem called “Song”, which my father used to stomp around the house and recite when he was  teaching it in high school all the time  because[…]
Ginsberg Reads Milton – 2
October 26, 2017
Continuing from yesterday, 1980 audio recording of Allen Ginsberg reading from Book Nine of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” AG: What I like is the sound of it. I’m imitating the sound of this in “Plutonian Ode”, that whole trick of[…]
Ginsberg Reads Milton – 1
October 25, 2017
We have already featured Allen Ginsberg reading the opening of Paradise Lost. Here, continuing in his 1980 Naropa “Basic Poetics’ class, he recites (and passingly annotates) long sections of Book Nine of the poem The audio begins here, approximately fifty-seven and-three-quarter minutes in AG: So it  (Book Nine of Paradise Lost)  begins:[…]
Allen Ginsberg and Tom Schwartz on John Milton – 6
October 23, 2017
Allen and Tom Schwarz have just previously been discussing the influence of Latin syntax on the poetry of John Milton. AG: So okay, what’s the point of all this. The point is that the[…]