Meditation and Poetics – 55 – (Sunyata)


[Japanese Zen Enso Symbol]

AG: The other aspect of the Mahayana, Mahayana style, as Reggie (Ray), I guess, may have mentioned, is the notion of  sunyata – did he get into that?.. In modern Existentialist terms that’d be “the void”, the big bad..  the big black wolf of the void, or, depending how it’s seen  In modern,

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 195

October 31, it has to be said, always makes us feel a little schiz-y. It’s the anniversary of the birth of the English poet John Keats and the celebration of that great Howling night, Halloween. Regarding the former, we’re happy to announce that the entire text of Allen’s crucial essay, “Negative Capability – Kerouac’s Buddhist Ethic” (“negative capability” is, of course, John Keats’ memorable phrase) is now back and available on-line. Regarding … Read More

Allen Ginsberg & Bob Dylan at the Grave of Jack Kerouac

This little excerpt, this classic excerpt, from Bob Dylan’s lost epic, “Renaldo and Clara” (courtesy of the essential “The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg“, Jerry Aronson‘s deluxe two-disc DVD set).  Bob and Allen, in 1975, in Lowell cemetery (Edson cemetery), on the occasion of a stop-over on the legendary Rolling Thunder tour, famously standing together, beside Jack Kerouac’s grave, musing, (Allen’s certainly taking the lead), in memento mori.  Allen (gesticulating towards the grave):”So that’s what’s gonna happen to you?”  Dylan: “No, I want to be in an unmarked grave.” The clip begins with … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 142

[Daniel Radcliffe (and John Krokidas – Radcliffe speaks on Ginsberg, Krokidas speaks on his casting of Radcliffe) – at the Venice Film Festival, September 2013]

[Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe)’s first meeting with Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) at the Columbia University South Hall (Butler) Library – scene from the upcoming “Kill Your Darlings”]  

[Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe – The Official SONY Pictures Classics trailer for the upcoming film, Kill Your Darlings]

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Spontaneous Poetics – 68 (William Carlos Williams 12)

[William Carlos Williams  (1883-1963)]
[Allen Ginsberg on Spontaneous Poetics at Naropa Institute continues – from June 30 1976]

AG: [recalling the previous class] We had gone through syllables, accents, vowel-lengths, some breath-stop, units of phrasing. How much of that did we get?

Student: You gave some examples and out of Williams, you got so far as the details…

AG:  Okay. Units of phrasing, consisting in units of vocalized phrasing, Not mental phrasing, but vocalized phrasing, and so I’m making that distinction. The aesthetic would be – clinical study of spoken American-ese. And  a close attention to the … Read More