Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -393
November 23, 2018
Linda Levitt reviews the Iron Curtain Journals for PopMatters – “Allen Ginsberg’s Journals Offer Insight Into Poetry, Culture, and Politics During the Cold War” “The reader who is familiar with Howl  will find a similar experience in reading Ginsberg’s journals: words and[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 348
January 12, 2018
Reposting and restating last week’s big news – “Howl’,  a newly-assembled red vinyl  box-set will be available soon – next month – from Craft Recordings.  February 23 is slated as the release-date. Hold your breath! A couple of weeks back,  Chris Agg uploaded a scattering of short Beat-related video-clips onto You Tube.[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 323
July 7, 2017
“Driving The Beat Road” – Jeff Weiss‘ recent detailed (and profusely illustrated ) survey, in The Washington Post, “in search of surviving members of the Beat Generation“,  is another  (well, we keep using this term, but it’s true) – “must-read”. Weiss recounts the circumstances and the details of his interviews (conducted earlier[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 315
May 12, 2017
From Steve Silberman‘s review of the new Allen Ginsberg book, Bill Morgan‘s selection of Allen’s lectures, Best Minds of My Generation, which appeared last weekend in the San Francisco Chronicle:   “Scholarly, wide-ranging and full of penetrating insight and fascinating literary gossip, the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 249
December 18, 2015
Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Cynthia Macadams Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Reddit – on what is his favorite Allen Ginsberg poem – “Aunt Rose” because it’s a very touching, deep and profound expression of love and empathy of his old Aunt Rose. It’s even more powerful than his long poem about his[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 245
November 20, 2015
    Michael Schumacher’s  The Essential Ginsberg has not been getting the attention we had hoped for, so we were pleased to find this notice in Ralph magazine this week.  That word “essential”[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 216
April 10, 2015
  Hal Willner‘s 60th anniversary celebrations in L.A.  for “Howl” this past week turned out to be a grand success.  From Tim Grierson‘s account of the evening, for Rolling Stone: “Nearly 60 years after its first public reading in October 1955, a concert was held in downtown Los Angeles to honor “Howl”,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round Up -159
January 3, 2014
2014 is – in case you didn’t know – the William Burroughs Centennial year (next month, February 5th, he would have turned 100), and, not only on the 5th, but on a variety of occasions, there will be events, arranged by[…]
John Giorno & William Burroughs At Naropa 1976
August 3, 2013
Continuing with our treasures from the Naropa Archives. Here’s another early (July 1976) reading – John Giorno and William Burroughs (the introductions are not by Allen this time, but by Michael Brownstein). The reading is divided into two sections. After Brownstein’s introduction, Buddhist-practitioner, Giorno, reads first, reading two colorfully-titled pieces – “Drinking[…]
William Burroughs Birthday
February 5, 2013
[William Burroughs on his Cabin Porch, Lone Star Lake,Lawrence Kansas, May 28, c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]   We’ve featured some of this footage before – William S Burroughs’ Home Movies – but no matter. Here on the occasion of what would have been William Burroughs’ 99th birthday is the full feature[…]