Dowland – 2 – Fine Knacks For Ladies


AG: Connected to that (“Weep You No More Sad Fountains“)  is (John Dowland‘s) “Fine Knacks  For (The) Ladies” (one page before, page 111)

[At approximately sixty-one minutes in (and concluding at approximately  sixty-two-and-three-quarter minutes in) , AG plays a recording of  John Dowland’s  “Fine Knacks For Ladies” – (“Though all my wares be trash, the heart is true” – “Sing it to Andy Warhol!” – “the orient’st pearl … Read More

Dowland – 1 – Weep You No More Sad Fountains

AG: So. Now then with some other music of Dowland  We have a couple of  (John) Dowland songs (on the tape) which are in our texts.  So, to begin with, the, the one that was set to music, the “Weep You No More, Sad Fountains“,  (that’s on) 113)     [From approximately fifty-six-and-a-quarter to fifty-seven-and-a-quarter minutes in, there is ambient conversation among  the students, as AG goes to set up the record –   AG: “..this is the end of the last song – Student: Turn it down a bit – AG- Turn it down?”]  [From approximately fifty-seven-and-three-quarter minutes in (to … Read More

John Dowland/Basil Bunting

[John Dowland (1563-1626)]

Allen Ginsberg’s January 1980 Basic Poetics class continues (in preparation for future notes on John Dowland) AG; Apparently, I have.. the “Fine Knacks For Ladies“ that you gave me the recording? – I have some (John) Dowland around and I had that so I’ll try and bring in a… I was going to try and get Charlie (Ross – sic) to bring in a phonograph today. Were there any others on that beside the “Fine Knacks For Ladies” ?

Student: There’s Dowland’s setting of “Weep No More Sad Fountains” on that other one.… Read More

Dowland Performance (“Weep ye no more, sad fountains”)

Transcription of Allen’s “Basic Poetics” class, from 1980 at Naropa, continues. The previous tape (tape 9 of 35) is missing and this tape comes in (towards the end of a class) with an in-class performance]

AG: What page is the poem (“Weep You No More Sad Fountains” by John Dowland)

Student: Page 115

[Editorial note – The author of this poem is, in fact, unknown, but its first recorded use was as the lyric for one of Dowland’s published lute pieces]

[Student/Musician in class plays with guitar accompaniment his own setting of “Weep You No More…”]

Student/Musician: … Read More

Sunday 9th – John Lennon

[Allen Ginsberg & John Lennon, One to One Concert, Madison Square Garden, August 30 1972 ]
December 8 is the anniversary of the infamous day when he got shot, but we thought we’d celebrate John Lennon on a more upbeat note, on the anniversary of his birth(day), and spotlight the Ginsberg-Lennon-Beatles connection. Wayne Mullins gives a pretty good account in this Beatdom article – Long John Silver and the Beats. He quotes in part (recalling their very first meeting) Marianne Faithfull‘s account – It’s London, 1965 – “Then Allen Ginsberg came in..He went over to the chair (Bob) Read More