Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 212
March 13, 2015
 Recently surfaced, Allen Ginsberg and the Clash – Ghetto Defendant – an extended version which originally appeared on the bootleg “Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg” [Allen Ginsberg with Mick Jones, and with Joe Strummer, of  The Clash at Electric Lady Studios in New York, December 1981 at the recording sessions for[…]
Expansive Poetics – 117 (No Future – (Punk Statements))
September 29, 2014
Student: Do you think that (punk) new wave (music) has God or has respect… AG: No, no, no, no. I think they’ve dispensed with the notion very wisely (though they may have dispensed with the heart also, unwisely) Student:  Yeah, I think they have.. AG: But not really, because you hear a[…]
Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker (part two)
September 23, 2014
  Note: These posts – “Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker” (parts one and two) first appeared on The Allen Ginsberg Project on June 23, 2011, and, due to technical problems, are[…]
1984 Pat Thomas Interview
October 24, 2013
Pat Thomas‘ interview with Allen, published in 1984, in a little magazine he edited himself called “the Notebook”, out of Rochester, New York, deserves an unearthing and a dissemination. Rock n roll Allen. The piece was headed “Allen Ginsberg Speaks on The Clash, King Crimson, Kerouac, The Grateful Dead”. We’ll draw your[…]
A Mix Tape/Allen Ginsberg Dancing
April 6, 2013
A “mix tape“?  A little weekend-indulgence. – Since we’re wondering if all these items were caught the first time they were posted, we’re running them (well, alerting you to them) again.   how about.. America/Closing Time – Allen Ginsberg/Tom WaitsSpell/Footnote to Howl – Patti SmithHadda Be[…]
Allen Ginsberg Punk Rocker (part two)
June 23, 2011
As Allen recounts it: ” (In 1981) I was listening to a lot of punk, and I’d heard about The Clash from Steven Taylor. I went backstage once at their[…]
Hank O’Neal
April 28, 2009
Photo: Allen Ginsberg, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, December 1981. c. Hank O’Neal We’ve added some more photos to the “Photography“ section of the Allen website among them a handful by photographer Hank O’Neal, who took this classic photo of[…]