Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 290


Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s birthday today – from Richard Holmes’ definitive biography: ” (William) Wordsworth called him “the most wonderful man” he had ever known; but many subsequent biographers have been skeptical. It would seem possible to write an entire book on Coleridge’s opium addiction, his plagiarisms, his fecklessness in marriage, his political “apostasy”, his sexual fantasies, or his radiations of mystic humbug.

And indeed, all these books have been written. But no biographer…has tried to examine his entire life in a broad and sympathetic manner, and to ask the one vital question; what made … Read More

“I have a young sister”/The Riddle Song

AG: “I have a young sister” (page  63). Oh yeah, everybody knows this one. Joan Baez sings it, I don’t know…does anybody know the Joan Baez song, “I sent my love a cherry, without any stone..” Do you know that?  [Allen starts singing] – “I gave my love a cherry, da-da, da-da..” – Does anybody know that?  heard it? – Anybody remember what the first line is in the modern version?  – Ah well, let’s see what it is here [Allen turns to book] –  

“I have a yong suster/ Fer beyonde the see/Manye be the drueries/That she sent to

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