Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake
March 10, 2018
Doctor Sax and The Great World Snake – In honor of Jack Kerouac’s 96th birthday (coming up on Monday) – we present Jim Sampas‘ version of his uncle’s original screenplay, featuring the voices of Robert Creeley, Jim Carroll, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and a host of talented others. The double-disc CD of a reading[…]
July 12, 1995 – Part Two (Sikelianos, Waldman, Carroll)
July 13, 2017
Continuing from yesterday This second part of the reading begins with Eleni Sikelianos Max Regan: “Eleni Sikelianos is the author of To Speak While Dreaming, published in 1993 by Salva Editions . She’s also the recipient of a California Arts Council Residency grant in San Francisco where[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop Q & A – 9 ( Lou Reed) – (Conclusion)
September 5, 2016
Jim Carroll (1949-2009)   We’ve been running these past week’s transcription of Jim Carroll’s 1986 Naropa workshop  (see most recently here and here) . We continue today and conclude with the second part of the Q & A   Student: Another question here Jim Carroll:  Yeah, Oh, great Student: Do you still worry about[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 8 – Q & A (Power Chords)
September 4, 2016
Allen Ginsberg and Jim Carroll from The Love Book by Rob Rosenheck]] Continuing with Jim Carroll’s June 30 1986 Naropa Poetics and Music class, we now turn to the Q & A: Jim Carroll: I should say, like.. I mean.. just… does anybody, like, have any questions about, anything?  (But), like, I’m[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 7 (American Express and Shape Shifter)
September 3, 2016
Australian costume-designer Lizzy Gardiner at the Oscars in 1994 with her American Express Gold Cards dress     Jim Carroll’s songwriting workshop continues See here. here, here, here  here, and here JC: It  – has a real long fade I don’t want to subject you to it, you know…. But this[…]
Jim Carroll workshop – continues – 6
August 28, 2016
transcription of Jim Carroll’s 1986 Naropa workshop continues JC: Now I’m going to play this.. (JC: here, can you cue this up? first song on Side A – Student: Sure) This is some of the stuff. I shouldn’t really play this either, but this is[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 5 (Patti Smith)
August 27, 2016
Jim Carroll’s June 30, 1986 Naropa Poetics and Music Workshop contimues – see previous segments – here. here, here and here JC: Then, you know, the danger of course being, you didn’t want to fall into that kind of stream-of-consciousness[…]
Jim Carroll workshop continues – 4
August 21, 2016
Jim Carroll workshop continues – see here, here and here JC: I mean, that just know. Like, I mentioned before about Henry Miller – the one book.. when they ask(ed) me what books people should read for this course, I mention(ed) the Henry Miller book, (The) Time of the Assasins, because,[…]
Jim Carroll workshop continues – 3 – (Bob Dylan)
August 20, 2016
This weekend, following on from last weekend, transcription of the 1980 Jim Carroll music and poetics workshop at Naropa continues. For the two previous segments – see here and here JC: And also I mean, like, people, eventually, knew where his influences were coming from, whereas they didn’t know where[…]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 2
August 14, 2016
continuing from yesterday – Jim Carroll’s workshop  JC: Well, I’m going to play a song that was a great..  one of my favorites… ..Actually, I’m going to play this early Velvet Underground song and then I’m going to play a Phil Ochs song. For some reason, Phil Ochs and The Velvet Underground[…]