Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 303


[Gelek Rimpoche and Allen Ginsberg, Wilmette, IL, 1991.  Photo: Jennifer Girard ]


[Gelek Rimpoche via Jewel Heart ]


Sad news this week of the passing of Allen’s last great spiritual advisor, Gelek Rimpoche (1937-2017), teaching the lesson of impermanence. Gelek was there at Allen’s deathbed  (see this account). Allen was deeply inspired by Gelek and did numerous benefits for his organization, Jewel Heart

Jewel Heart have opened up a page for remembrances

More word of memorial events to follow


Next Thursday and for the next five Thursdays, at the Newberry, Chicago’s independent humanities research library, our friend John Read More

Jewel Heart Howl Reading


Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl” in 1994 at the Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan, at a benefit for Jewel Heart From the program notes: On “Howl, for Carl Solomon” Allen Ginsberg’s writing and first reading of “Howl, for Carl Solomon” in 1955 marked a change in American letters and public life that is still unfolding today. Some felt that both “Howl”‘s words and the act of speaking them aloud were profoundly liberating, while others thought that they were a threat to public order. Ginsberg himself, at the start of writing, felt that the emerging poem could never have a … Read More