Studs Terkel Interviews Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass on WFMT, Chicago, 1990 – part 1

[Studs Terkel, 1912-2008

Jewel Heart Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Philip GlassGelek Rinpoche & Allen Ginsberg, November 17, 1989]

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[Allen Ginsberg]

Studs Terkel Interviews Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass, 1990

We featured, a week or so back, Studs Terkel’s hilarious 1959 radio interview with Allen, Gregory Corso, and a mostly-silent Peter Orlovsky. Here’s another Terkel interview with Allen (alongside composer-collaborator, Philip Glass), this one recorded over three decades later. Ginsberg and Glass are in town (Chicago) for a benefit performance for Gelek Rinpoche‘s Jewel Heart organization (as Terkel periodically reminds his listeners), an event … Read More

Don’t Smoke!

Apologies in advance for the quality of the tape (shot off the t.v., but, then again, it was a t.v. show), here’s Allen on NBC’s “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, from May 10th 1994, performing “Put Down Yr Cigarette Rag” (alternative versions of the poem/song can be accessed here and here). “Don’t smoke don’t smoke don’t smoke/Don’t smoke/It’s a nine billion dollar/ Capitalist Communist joke..” Recordings of the piece are available both on the Harry Smith-produced First Blues and the John Hammond-produced First Blues (always some confusion about those titles there!). Timeless, but Allen was particularly incensed by … Read More