Allen Ginsberg in Austin – Interview – 1978

Interviewer: So we want to figure out what’s best, you know, what will be most comfortable for you. What I want to do is an oral history of the ‘Sixties and Austin’s an interesting area because there’s a major university with a lot of anti-war… There was a segregtion case, a very famous law case here in 1959. There’s been an awful lot of work with the valley farm workers and Chicanos, plus we”ve got the Rothschilds here [sic], we’ve got all of LBJ‘s legacy. Basically, Austin’s sort of conservative but with the university and the State Capitol here, … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 287

Wait Till I’m Dead, Allen Ginsberg’s recently-published collection of uncollected posthumous poems, (which has not had anything like the notices that it should have), recently received an attentive and intelligent review in Empty Mirror from poet-scholar Marc Olmsted  (“What we come away with is wanting more..”) – see hereDrawing attemtion to Andrzej’s Pietrasz‘s Allen Ginsberg in Poland (Andrzej’s just back from a visit to the Beats show in Paris and he brought his camera)

Jeff Nightbyrd,

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Expansive Poetics – 118 (Do It – Jeff Nightbyrd & Abbie Hoffman & Florence Becker Lennnon)














[Jeff Nightbyrd,”Underground Press” maven]

AG: [to Jeff Nightbyrd] – What are you..  you’re in town for an underground media convention? Jeff Nightbyrd: We’re going to have an alternative tv network in America. AG: Uh-hmm Jeff Nightbyrd:  (The) FCC has licensed low-power tv stations – KBDI and Video West and Public Interest Video in Washington put together a conference of leading experimental video people (who) came… AG: Here in town (Boulder) or in Denver? Jeff Nightbyrd: Here. Well, in Boulder and at KBDI. We get… probably some … Read More

Expansive Poetics – 116 (Jeff Nightbyrd)

AG: [turning to Jeff Nightbyrd] – You knew George Demerly [FBI informant]?.

Jeff Nightbyrd:  Very well AG: This, incidentally, is Jeff Nightbyrd, who was the editor of the New York Rat and the Dallas… 

Jeff Nightbyrd: Austin AG: Austin Sun

Austin Sun Jeff Nightbyrd: (and)  New Left Notes

AG: New Left Notes Jeff Nightbyrd: Right AG: And an early Weatherman, weren’t you? Jeff Nightbyrd:  No, I never was one of them. AG: You weren’t in it? Jeff Nightbyrd:  Austin Rag AG: Austin Rag. And we were all in jail together in 1972 protesting  Nixon in Miami, for a couple

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