Larry Fagin (1937-2017)
May 28, 2017
Larry Fagin, poet, editor, teacher, long-time leading member of the so-called “New York School” of poetry, died yesterday. He was 79 years old. An important co-worker with Allen at Naropa (and, coincidentally, upstairs neighbour in his 12th Street tenement in Manhattan), he was, (though not himself a Buddhist), alongside fellow St Marks[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 247
December 4, 2015
From the audio-visual archives of RTBF, Belgium’s public-broadcasting organization for the French-speaking community, this delightful footage of Allen (and Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor) in Belgium in 1983. Following a short introduction, Allen and company are glimpsed (briefly) walking the streets (of Liege) and then Allen is interviewed (speaking en francais!). Allen[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 232
August 21, 2015
 A great spirited reading of the Moloch section of “Howl ” (from circa 1989) on the CBS News Nightwatch program – “Well, it’s the climax and actually the definition of the poem” declares Allen. “What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination?/Moloch![…]
Saluting Neal Cassady – The WFMU 1993 Neal Cassady Memorial Marathon
August 9, 2014
Neal Cassady is our focus this weekend (perhaps more accurately, the influence of Neal Cassady) and, via the incomparable WFMU (out of East Orange, New Jersey) and their audio archives, four-and-a-half hours of live radio! – the occasion, February 7, 1993, at the Fez under Time cafe in downtown Manhattan[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 138
August 9, 2013
Introducing the Holy Litany Project. M.L.Kejara and Akina Rahman Khan hit upon the  interesting idea of perhaps updating Allen’s classic “America” for the 21st Century. They’re sending out an open call (0n Facebook) for new lines, new strophes – “We will try to emulate Ginsberg’s style..and update his work with our burning[…]
Announcing Naropa University’s Digital Archive
June 1, 2013
THE NAROPA UNIVERSITY DIGITAL ARCHIVE  Great news! Naropa’s extraordinary audio archive (hitherto hosted as part of the estimableInternet Archive) has now been upgraded, refurbished and newly-hosted by Naropa University– The JKS (Jack Kerouac School) audio collection (part of a wider collection held by the university) is now available and ready for on-line[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 14
February 25, 2011
Howl in England Following up from our notices last week, here’s more English press coverage related to this Friday (today’s) UK opening of Howl. Mick Brown, in the Telegraph, gives the basic background in  “How I Scribbled Magic Lines From My Real Mind”. Andrew Lowry, in the blog for the same paper,[…]
Happy Birthday Herbert Huncke
January 10, 2011
Remembering Huncke Herbert E Huncke, “the original Beat”, “Elmer Hassel” of On The Road, who died August 1996 (despite a life of excess, he lived to the ripe old age of 81) would have been 96 today. Sadly, Ben Schafer’s 1997 compendium The Herbert Huncke Reader is out of print (tho’ second-hand[…]
Janine Pommy Vega: Woodstock Times Obituary
January 4, 2011
Janine Pommy Vega – We’d mentioned the Woodstock Times obituary in our last posting, but on second thought, consider it worthy of a full post mention, since it goes into such precise detail about her life & life’s work. It also includes a small selection of tributes worth more than a second[…]
Happy New Year Catching Up
January 3, 2011
Things got a little crazy over the holidays and among many other things we forgot to mention Patti Smith‘s 64th birthday on December 30th, same day as Paul Bowles! Happy Birthday Patti! The New York Times have also given Janine Pommy Vega a decent obituary – that appeared in yesterday’s edition –[…]