Three Models (Wyatt, Raleigh & Shirley)
February 19, 2018
AG: Then. – one….  from (Sir Thomas) Wyatt. (on page one twenty-two?) – an imitation of Wyatt. You remember the lines in Wyatt about…  (let’s see) where Wyatt is here..? –“My Lute Awake/ perform the last labors…” –  “My lute[…]
George Herbert Selections
August 14, 2017
A little out-of-order this – but here’s Allen’s George Herbert selection – remember George Herbert?)  (and some concluding remarks to his (April 1980) Naropa class) AG: Okay, so next, I would have… (George) Herbert (page 285), check out Mr Herbert, similar to Herrick, as interesting as Herrick, but it’s a little more[…]
The Decline of English Poetry
August 9, 2017
Allen’s been discussing the poems of Robert Herrick AG: There’s a nice, … but then, something that happens now, from here on out. It started. You got a shot of it in (John) Donne with that masochistic religion, and the[…]
More James Shirley
June 14, 2017
Allen Ginsberg continues his 1980 Naropa lectures on classic English poetry AG: – Thomas Carew –  this is really pretty.. (a poem) by Carew..  lets see.. Oh no, before we get to Carew, there is another little poem by James Shirley (because that one is so good that I thought there must[…]
Marianne Moore (on Eternality)
June 13, 2017
AG: Then there’s a poem by Marianne Moore about (James Shirley’s poem) “Only the actions of the just/ Smell sweet, and blossom in the dust”) – Do you know that? Has anybody heard that? It’s from Marianne Moore.   –  […]
James Shirley – 1
June 8, 2017
AG: Then the next death poem is this great thing by James Shirley which we have in our agenda, page three-hundred, which… this poem is one of my top ten in the English language for really beautiful cadence, for sharpness and abruptness and clarity of idea, and for interesting[…]
Allen Ginsberg’s Rhyming Assignment
June 5, 2017
Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 Naropa class transcript continues Student; Did you ever do.. have a go ? AG: No, never did one myself but it’d be interesting to do. Should I assign it to class? Student: You could.. AG: You’re the T.A. (teaching assistant). The assignments.. the class assignments, we have,[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 45 (James Shirley)
March 4, 2013
AG: My own favorite poem of this genre is one by James Shirley, dated 1659, which I used in travelling with (Bob) Dylan as a key lyric, to set aside his own lyrics, and everybody else’s lyrics, like Joan Baezand Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, or the more amateur musicians[…]
History of Poetry – 12 (James Shirley)
October 25, 2011
Abraham Bloemaert (1566-1661) – Vanitas With A Putto Resting His Head On A Skull, oil on panel 16 3/4″ x 13″ Allen’s June 10 1975 NAROPA class concludes. AG: It’s called “Dirge”. Now, (James) Shirley‘s 1596-1666, so now we’re getting about half a century later than Shakespeare. So that little airy thing[…]