Joanne Kyger, Novato, 1976 – 1

Still mourning Joanne Kyger, who died last month, we feature today an extraordinary piece of tape (early black-and-white recording), Joanne reading and talking at an event put on by the Bay Area Writers in Novato, California, in 1976. Joanne read with (then-fellow-Bolinas resident) Bobbie-Louise Hawkins. We’ll be featuring Bobbie’s half of the reading in the coming weeks, but, first, Joanne.

She begins with an annotated reading of her Pacific Rim anthropology-history poem, “Up My Coast”

JK: “There’s a collection of stories that were done in about 1910, they are excerpted from a milieu, kind of a Miwok story Read More

Expansive Poetics – 125 (Jaime de Angulo)

[Jaime d’Angulo (1887-1950)]

[AG:  Onward!..  Skipping over (Ezra) Pound  (except one little thing. because we don’t have much (time)… I want to skip over Pound – we’ll come back to Pound)…]

AG: Jaime d’Angulo (1887), was a friend of Marianne Moore and Ezra Pound and a great crank, a hero… Gary Snyder’s hero. Jaime d’Angulo is Gary Snyder’s hero. If you want to know Snyder’s origins, you go to Jaime d’Angelo. D’Angulo was born in Spain and educated in Switzerland, and went to the Wild West and worked as a cowboy, and was a great philologist and linguist, and … Read More