Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 378
August 10, 2018
Michael Robbins on Book Post – on Gordon Ball’s iconic photograph “What better image of.. institutionalized complacency could be imagined than the assigning of Ginsberg’s verse to the nation’s future military elite, who – far from being scandalized by lines like “Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb” (from “America,” perhaps Ginsberg’s[…]
Conrad Rooks – Chappaqua
May 10, 2014
Chappaqua, the legendary 1966 film, written and directed by Conrad Rooks (Rooks not Brooks – sic), now available, in its entirety, on You Tube , is this weekend’s Allen Ginsberg Project focus.   Here’s the[…]
Wholly Communion – Peter Whitehead (ASV5)
June 11, 2011
Wholly Communion, the filmed record of the First International Poetry Incarnation, as it was so dubbed, that took place, on this very day, 46 years ago, in London’s[…]