Investigative Poetics – 9 (Smoking Typewriters – 2 – “The Sixties”)

[National Guardsmen wielding rifles with bayonets advanced along Springfield Avenue in Newark on July 14 1967 – Photograph Don Hogan Charles for The New York Times]

AG: “Investigative Poetics, I think, at this point, would have to go into the whole cultural and social and political and artistic history of the “Sixties, (which was quite a vast, traumatic, revolutionary time), and re-investigate a great many things that happened of an intellectual-symbolic nature, to find out what was the story behind it. Because a great deal more of it was manipulated than we realize” and one of the major … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 2 (Ed Sanders – 2)

AG: There was a break-in into (Ed Sanders‘) house, where he kept all his stuff, and all his magazines and files and mimeograph stuff . Some of it was stolen. A lot of it was thrown around on the floor. And, at first, we thought, “well, maybe it was some meth-heads that resented him, or maybe it was local narcs, or.. who was it? – (Well), it turns out, years later, this year [1977] I went to Washington to visit a lawyer friend, Ira Lowe (who was the lawyer for a lot of the peace demonstrators in 1967, … Read More