Expansive Poetics – 46 (Mayakovsky – 3)

[Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930)]

AG: I think what I’d like to do is skip to the suicide poem [“At The Top of My Voice‘], just to get the correalation between the universal (and the personal). “At The Top of My Voice –  Unfinished Prologue To the Second Part of A Poem on the Five Year Plan” – one –  (this is Lily Brik, his girlfriend, having gone out of town to London – “She loves me. She loves me not”.. Who’s he referring to now? (Tatiana), the girl in Paris?

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Expansive Poetics – 45 (Mayakovsky – 2)


File:Futurist Mayakovsky.jpg

[Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1914 – “Futurist Mayakovsky”]

Пощёчина общественному вкусу
Читающим наше Новое Первое Неожиданное. Только мы — лицо нашего Времени. Рог времени трубит нами в словесном искусстве. Прошлое тесно. Академия и Пушкин непонятнее гиероглифов. Бросить Пушкина,ДостоевскогоТолстого и проч. и проч. с парохода Современности. Кто не забудет своей первой любви, не узнает последней. Кто же, доверчивый, обратит последнюю Любовь к парфюмерному блудуБальмонта? В ней ли отражение мужественной души сегодняшнего дня? Кто же, трусливый, устрашится стащить бумажные латы с чёрного фрака воина Брюсова? Или на них зори неведомых красот? Вымойте ваши руки, прикасавшиеся к
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Spontaneous Poetics – 102 (Mayakovsky)

[Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930)]

AG: There’s another development, in the 20th Century, of social poetry, in Russia, with Mayakovsky – poetry that was meant to be read in communal circumstances, like in factories. In Russian, the rhythms and the rhymes are more obvious, and sometimes as strong as Vachel Lindsay particularly in Mayakovsky. There’s one poem (of his) called “At The Top Of My Voice”, which I’d like to read. This is (in) a translation by a fellow named Herbert Marshall. I’ve had it on the reserve shelf (in the library) and it’ll be there for the … Read More