Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 204

Herbert Huncke Centennial Celebrations at the Beat Museum today – Laki VazakasHilary HolladayBen SchaferDennis McNally, Brenda Knight, Regina Marler and Tate Swindell look back upon and discuss Herbert Huncke’s genius.  Two weeks since the last Friday Round-Up, so a bit of catching up to do.  Here’s (talking of the Beat Museum), the meeting-up of Gerd Stern (the man erroneously accused of losing it) and Mike McQuate, the man largely responsible for saving it – tho’, as others have pointed out, Jean Spinosa should also be credited with exemplary dispersal of her … Read More

Huncke by Ginsberg – A Herbert Huncke Portfolio

[Herbert Huncke, photobooth, Times Square circa 1940. Ginsberg Collection]  



[above four photos: “Rare glimpse of storyteller Herbert E. Huncke, then strung out in his room Hotel Elite, N.E. corner of 8th Avenue & 51st Street diagonally opposite what was then Madison Square Garden. Saw him infrequently that season, Burroughs temporarily in town, found him mid-town to say goodbye on my way to Mexico, just before Christmas 1953. He fixed at that sink, Manhattan. (Ginsberg caption) Photos c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]
[Herbert Huncke,  William & Joan Burroughs’ farm near New Waverly, Texas, July 1947. Photo: c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]  
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Allen Ginsberg and Herbert Huncke – SFSU 1967


[Herbert Huncke and Allen Ginsberg – together on East 10th Street, New York City,  three years later, 1970 – Photograph by Ann Charters]

From the invaluable trove at San Francisco State University’s Poetry Center Digital Archive –  Allen Ginsberg and Herbert Huncke reading on February 7, 1967 This historic event can be heard in its entirety here Mark Linenthal (of SFSU) begins by noting upcoming events and a visit to the campus by film-maker Stan Brakhage. He then turns to the business of the evening, introducing Herbert Huncke and Allen Ginsberg. ML: “I want to welcome  Herbert Huncke and Allen … Read More

Herbert Huncke Centennial

[(“Old-timer & survivor, Herbert E Huncke, Beat Literary Pioneer, early decades thief, who introduced Burroughs, Kerouac & me to floating population hustling & drug scene Times Square 1945. From ’48 on, he penned remarkable musings, Collected as autobiographical vignettes, anecdotes & storyteller’s tales in the classic The Evening Sun Turned Crimson (Cherry Valley, 1970) and later Guilty of Everything. Here age 78 in basement back-yard, his apartment East 7th Street, near Avenue D, New York, May 18, 1993)” – (Photograph and Inscription by Allen Ginsberg)]

January 9 1915, the birthday of Herbert Huncke, original Beat – yes, today marks the … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 203


A New Year – the first of this year’s Friday Round-Ups, our regular weekly miscellany. A few weeks back, we featured one of Jay Blakesberg‘s extraordinary pictures of Allen. Here’s another.  William S Burroughs’ Centennial is officially over but we thought we’d sneak in one final Centennial report. – William Burroughs, le dernier humanist? (William Burroughs, the last humanist?) – the Anglophone gathering last month in Paris at École Normale Supérieure –Joseph Nechvatal at Hyperallergic provides a useful survey/overview of the proceedings. Next week, (next Friday) it’s Herbert Huncke’s Centennial (check out this Centennial screeningRead More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 189

[ Allen Ginsberg – For Martin Mooij signed and dated hand-written ms., Rotterdam, June 14, 1979]

In Rotterdam, the Tower of Babel/rises unbombed to the rainy sky/today – many tongues babbling/their compleyents under grey clouds/An Indonesian poet come from black jail singing/A poet from East Berlin offering Consonants/A poet or two from Russia, silent in absentia/Poets from America, poisoned by plutonium/Still Chanting Whitmanic vowels/Poets speaking natural French, utter Dutch/caroling in Japanese and Roumanian/Muttering in German, soothsaying in African/syllables -/What human music emerges from the Tower of Babel?/In Mind museum the Babel Tower/sits silent thru centuries of  heaven-breath”  –… Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 188

[Allen Ginsberg’s Rainbow Honor Walk Plaque recently unveiled in the Castro in San Francisco, 2014 – Photograph by Steven Bracco]

Two weeks since the last “Round-Up” so we’d better get down to it. Last Tuesday in San Francisco, in the Castro, the official unveiling of the Ginsberg plaque (along with several others), part of the Rainbow Honor Walk  (Some embarrassing launching problems, apparently, but they, mercifully, got it right with Allen) And, while we’re on the subject of plaques and San Francisco, there is, of course, this (commemorating the first public reading of Howl, at the fabled Six GalleryRead More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 186

[Ed & Miriam Sanders photographed in Woodstock by Allen Ginsberg, April 18, 1983. c Allen Ginsberg Estate]

This coming Sunday from 6 to 8.30  in New York City at the Bowery Poets Club, “Poets, musicians, friends and family are gathering to celebrate the three-quarter of a century mark in the life of .. formidable poet, author, Yippie activist, Pentagon exorcist and founding Fug, Ed Sanders“. Among those participating Steven Taylor, Coby Batty, Larry “Ratso” Sloman, Sparrow, Penny Arcade, John S Hall.. and (guests of honor) Ed and Miriam Sanders. 

John Tytell‘s … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 165

[Allen Ginsberg, 1954 – oil on canvas – painting by Robert LaVigne]

Two weeks since the last round-up, so let’s get right to it. lavigne.jpg (39580 bytes)

[Robert LaVigne – Photograph by Myles Aronowitz]

Robert LaVigne – The troubling case of Robert LaVigne and the allegedly stolen paintings.

Newspaper reports last year noted a court case involving LaVigne and his former assistant George Chebanyuk – (“Chebanyuk is alleged to have tried to sell off six works created by LaVigne, including a nude presumably depicting Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg”).  A jury deliberated for four hours, on February 4, and returned a Read More