More Robert Duncan – 1
January 13, 2018
Following on from last week’s posting on Robert Duncan, here’s another one. From 1976, from that remarkable Bay Area Writers series that took place at Novato, California that we’ve featured ┬ábefore. (See , for example, here and here, here. here and here) RD: (I have (currently) three books) print with New[…]
Mind Mouth & Page – 23 (Pound and the Vernacular)
June 27, 2012
Allen’s 1975 lecture (that we’ve been serializing) continues. More on Ezra Pound. AG: Ok. We need a whole course on Pound (alone), but, briefly, they (the early American modernists) were faced with the problem, 1905-1910, (that Walt) Whitman had already broken apart the old forms. Pound had a little[…]