Joanne Kyger, Novato, 1976 – 1

Still mourning Joanne Kyger, who died last month, we feature today an extraordinary piece of tape (early black-and-white recording), Joanne reading and talking at an event put on by the Bay Area Writers in Novato, California, in 1976. Joanne read with (then-fellow-Bolinas resident) Bobbie-Louise Hawkins. We’ll be featuring Bobbie’s half of the reading in the coming weeks, but, first, Joanne.

She begins with an annotated reading of her Pacific Rim anthropology-history poem, “Up My Coast”

JK: “There’s a collection of stories that were done in about 1910, they are excerpted from a milieu, kind of a Miwok story Read More

Rarities From the Naropa Archive 2 – (Ginsberg, Cage & MacLow)

Continuing with yesterday’s “treasures” from the Naropa Archives, here’s another one, another singularly early one, dating from August 1975 – “Visiting Poetics Academy Convention” (consisting of three separate components – a radio-interiew with Allen Ginsberg, a radio-interview with John Cage, and a talk by (with several instances of the participatory practice of) Cage-ian protege, Jackson Mac Low

[Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, and Jackson Mac Low]

Visiting Poetics Academy may be listened to in its entirety here   The first part, a 1975 radio interview by Rick Fields (“Open Secret”) – Allen discusses the relationship between Buddhist meditation  and American poetics … Read More