Blake continues – 1
November 26, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s teaching on William Blake resumes today – (from his January 25th 1979 class at Naropa (then) Institute) Student: (The tape begins in media res.  The discussion is on Blake’s “The Grey Monk”)  – from Erdman‘s notes,  from his Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake – Student is reading ][…]
more Blake – (“Epic Simile”)
November 6, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues AG: Everybody notices (Blake’s) “From my window I see the old mountains of France, like aged men, fading away,” and (Harold) Bloom refers to this as an epic[…]
Gershom Scholem
December 5, 2017
Gershom Scholem,  from  On Jews and Judaism in Crisis – Selected Essays “The poet Allen Ginsberg once visited me. A likeable fellow. Genuine. Strange, mad, but genuine. I took a strong liking to him.My wife and I had a very interesting conversation with him, and in her inimitable way[…]
Voices and Visions and Whitman
July 27, 2013
In preparation for some words on Whitman from Allen coming up next week Walt Whitman presented for the American public in 1988 in the television series, “Voices and Visions“. Allen appears alongside Galway Kinnell (who gives most of the readings), Donald Hall, and biographers and critics (Justin Kaplan, Harold Bloom…) Here are[…]
William Blake class – 8 (Urizen continues)
March 15, 2012
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s Book of Urizen continues AG: Chapter IV – Urizen is still asleep, however. All this time, while being created by Los, while being given form by Los, Urizen is still asleep. We all know why Los wants to give Urizen a form?[…]