Don’t Hide The Madness
October 13, 2018
Coming out next week ( on Tuesday) – and much anticipated – Don’t Hide The Madness – William S Burroughs in Conversation with Allen Ginsberg., from 1992, a documentary record of the meeting of two great minds. As Burroughs and Ginsberg biographer, Barry Miles has written – “Steven Taylor’s transcriptions of Billl[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 333
September 15, 2017
Next week in Paris (September 20-22) sees the sixth Annual Conference of the European Beat Studies Network –  “The Transcultural Beat Generation”  is this year’s focus “(Collaboration. Publication, Translation)”.  The three days are broken down as follows: Wednesday, the 20th – “French Edition(s) and Beat Intellectual Life in Paris” – Thursday, the[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 285
September 16, 2016
  “Self-Portrait on my Seventieth birthday in Borsolino hat and black cashmere-silk scarf from Milan & Dublin Thornproof-tweed suit, Oleg Cassini tie from Goodwill, shirt same source, kitchen windwo mid-day, I stayed home & worked on Selected Poems 1947-95 proofs after returning from Walker Art Center reading – Beat exhibition weekend. Monday[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 215
April 3, 2015
  Next week (next Tuesday) is  Hal Willner’s LA “Howl” extravaganza. The following day is Earth Day – courtesy WNYC’s Spinning on Air, in New York, at The Greene Space  there’ll be an Earth Day Special with Patti Smith, Anne Waldman, Laurie Anderson and others – A live web-cast of the event[…]
December 28, 2014
More Lion For Real amplification.  More early Ginsberg lyrics  – today’s offering – Refrain To hear his 1989 version, see here Sleeve note:  “Among the earliest writings in this suite, echoing late Yeats‘[…]
Complaint Of The Skeleton to Time
December 27, 2014
Continuing with our re-visit and amplification of the Willner-Minzer  Lion For Real – see here, here, here and here                 – here‘s another early (1949) lyric – “Complaint Of The Skeleton To Time” Sleeve note – “1949 lyric influenced by Thomas Wyatt’s “My Lute, Awake!“[…]
Ginsberg – Scribble
December 21, 2014
                    Here‘s the very first poem that opens “The Lion For Real”  (published in Reality Sandwiches) – Kenneth Rexroth and Edith Piaf – a brief but poignant lyric, Scribble      Steve Swallow‘ s on piano, Michael Blair on guitar,[…]
The Shrouded Stranger (Three Renditions)
December 20, 2014
Last weekend we featured two tracks from the Michael Minzer-Hal Willner-produced Lion For Real – “To Aunt Rose” and “Lion For Real”, this weekend, a couple more –  First, the very early lyric (from 1949) –  “The Shrouded Stranger” The Shrouded Stranger Bare skin is my wrinkled sack When hot Apollo humps[…]
The Lion For Real – (Three Renditions)
December 14, 2014
Another from Michael Minzer and Hal Willner’s The Lion For Real – the title track. The musicians on this one – Arto Lindsay, guitar, Michael Blair, guitar (& glockenspiel), Gary Windo, tenor sax,  Rob Wasserman, bass, Beaver Harris, drums – sound effects by Richard Fussco. Allen’s sleeve note:  [“Soyez muette pour moi,[…]
To Aunt Rose – (Three Renditions)
December 13, 2014
 One of Allen’s most accomplished early poems is our spotlight today – “To Aunt Rose” –   “A memory flash 1958 Paris. My favorite Aunt Rose (1900-1940) took care of me weekends when my mother was ill – Books named are my late father Louis Ginsberg‘s. It was a big event to[…]