Barry Farber Interview – 2
April 8, 2018
Barry Farber’s 1975 radio interview continues. In this second segment, Allen engages with two studio guests (unlikely cohorts), the open-minded and wonderfully out-of-fashion “Bullets” Durgin, and Robert Goodman, “a young reporter, no longer just a collegiate reporter” BF:  Poets, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Jonathan Robbins[…]
Studs Terkel interviews Allen Ginsberg, 1976 – part two
May 14, 2017
Allen Ginsberg and Studs Terkel continuing from here [At approximately half-way through their conversation, approximately thirty-two minutes in, Allen sings “Gospel Noble Truths” (“Born in this world, you’ve got to suffer..”) making several improvised additions –  (“no permanent soul!”,  “the dharma chakra”,  “Look what you’ve done – 1968” – “Let go, Studs!”)[…]
Allen Ginsberg Reading in Baltimore 1978 – 2
December 11, 2016
continuing from yesterday AG: So, actually, I was in the hospital and I actually went out of my skull, I was full of antibiotics and fever and it seemed like it was about time to[…]
Allen Ginsberg & Steven Taylor – 1996 at Texas State
October 4, 2014
 We feature today a reading by Allen, recorded, just a year before his death, on April 11, 1996, at the Evans Auditorium, Southwest Texas State University. A noticeably weakened Allen – “I have bronchitis, so if my voice fails and I start coughing…” (and cough he does, finding it necessary to[…]
Ginsberg-Cherry-Rowan – Buddhism in Song
September 22, 2013
Don Cherry at Naropa in August of 1976. We featured him yesterday, we thought to include him again today, alongside Peter Rowan (who we’ve previously featured here) in a discussion (and performance) of Buddhism–in-song. Audio for the occasion is here Allen begins with a couple of[…]
Üvöltés – Allen & Lazlo Foldes’ Hobo Blues Band
December 26, 2012
Our Christmas posting – Allen and the Hobo Blues Band‘s “Come Back Christmas” was from Üvöltés. Here’s the whole album, released, in Hungary, on the Krem/Hungaroton label in 1987. The line-up was Laszlo Foldes (vocals), Dezso Dome (drums), Laszlo Fuchs (piano, electric organ and synthesizer & vocals), Egon Poka (bass, guitar, synthesizer[…]
Gospel Noble Truths (more Ginsberg in Olomouc)
May 27, 2012
Courtesy of David Hrbeck, earlier this year, we featured wonderful footage of Allen reading, in 1993, in a high-school gymnasium in Olomouc, in the Czech Republic (along with an actor, Mikuláš Pánek, reading, eloquently, the Czech translations), “Sunflower Sutra”, “Kral Majales”, “Kaddish”, “Return of Kral Majales”. Here’s an additional poem from that[…]
Gospel Noble Truths
September 9, 2009
Our friend Kirt Markle has been busy experimenting with collage images for quite some time. Starting with still images, he’s recently moved into treating video & film footage with visual collage & textures. This round he took on Allen’s “Gospel Noble Truths” performed with Steven Taylor, with stunning & pleasing effect[…]