Ginsberg Recordings – Wichita Vortex Sutra
June 11, 2013
Great news! hot news! – the new Ginsberg Recordings release! – Wichita Vortex Sutra! – This is a fully digitalized re-issued masterpiece (recognized at the time as, “one of Ginsberg’s finest moments as a poet and certainly his finest and most compelling recording”). The poem itself dates from 1966 (an epic chronicle[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 108
January 11, 2013
Next Wednesday, January 16 in New York – Join Allen Ginsberg’s friends, collaborators, relatives and co-conspirators – Lou Reed, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, CA Conrad, Andy Clausen, David Amram, the Arthur Russell tribute band, Arthur’s Landing, & others for “a night of poetry and song” in one of the quintessential[…]
Ginsberg Recordings Latest – Ballad of the Skeletons
October 23, 2012
Ginsberg Recordings have just released their latest digitalized Allen – The Ballad of the Skeletons. For more on this exciting re-release see here And for more on the background and alternative performances of Ballad of the Skeletons see here. Keep following Ginsberg Recordings! – and The Allen Ginsberg Project![…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 93
September 28, 2012
100 Thousand Poets For Change tomorrow – the extraordinary global poetry-peace celebrations, spearheaded by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, kicks off with a three-day festival at TPC’s Santa Rosa, California, Headquarters today (Friday). For details of that  and details of all of 100 Thousand Poets For Change activities  click here – More[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 92
September 21, 2012
Steve Finbow is interviewed about his latest Ginsberg biography, and his time spent (this should be linked with Bob Rosenthal’s published memoirs), in the early ’80’s, as secretarial assistant, working for Allen, up close, getting to know the real Allen. The Awl has his recollections here. There’s also (in case you missed[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 91
September 14, 2012
Joyce Johnson‘s long-awaited Kerouac biography, The Voice Is All – The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac was published yesterday – “Looking more deeply than previous biographers into how Kerouac’s French-Canadian background enriched his prose and gave him a unique outsider’s view of America, she tracks his development from boyhood through the phenomenal[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 90
September 7, 2012
  Ginsberg Encounters. We haven’t featured one for a while but here’s poet Steve Turtell‘s recollection of Allen Ginsberg, Teacher – “He was tough and he was indefatigable”… “being his tutee was a great[…]
Ginsberg Recordings – Holy Soul Jelly Roll
September 4, 2012
Today’s the big day! – Ginsberg Recordings is proud to present the very first part of its four-part release of the new, digitalized recording of Holy Soul Jelly Roll. We’re working widdershins (sic), releasing Volume 4 (Ashes & Blues), followed by 3 (Ah!), 2 (Caw! Caw!), and, finally, (on September 25), Volume[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 89
August 31, 2012
It’s Charles Reznikoff’s birthday today. We’ve been featuring him recently, see here, here, here and here.. and our last year’s birthday celebration here . Allen presents here   his NAROPA notes, “Suggestions for Readings in Charles Reznikoff…according to hardness, objectivity, vividness – selected epiphanies.” September 4th, Tuesday! (only[…]
Holy Soul Jelly Roll in September
August 9, 2012
“Ginsberg Recordings‘ first release will be “Holy Soul Jelly Roll”, set to hit the airways in September. It will be followed by “Wichita Vortex Sutra” in October, and then a re-issued version of “First Blues” with a vinyl sampler in December to round out the calender year.” – Sarah Langs spills the[…]