Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 336

[The Boott Mills seen from Centralville  /  Lowell, Massachusetts, 1989 -Photograph  © John Suiter – see “Kerouac’s Lowell – A Life On The Concord and Merrimack Rivers“]

Just a reminder that it’s Kerouac celebrations in his home-town of Lowell this weekend. Festivities have already begun, but plenty’s still happening –  you can see the full-schedule (all the events taking place over this weekend, and into next week) – here.

[Jack Kerouac]

And also from last week’s Round-Up – (following on, and as part of, theBig Beat Night“) – the Lawrence Ferlinghetti exhibit in BresciaRead More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 211

Legendary film-maker Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, The Holy MountainSanta Sangre, Dune etc), recalls his meeting with Allen Ginsberg (he speaks in Spanish with Italian translation) – An English translation of Jodorowsky’s comments follows here:   AJ: “I see Allen Ginsberg arriving [in Paris] in winter with a small t-shirt, ripped jeans, wearing espadrilles and with mad hair and no luggage – nothing! – He was staring, like this  [Jodorowsky imitates Allen looking around, searching] – “Hey, I know’re Allen Ginsberg” – “Yes” – “What are you up to?” – [Allen] – “The thing is Fidel Read More