A Brief Anthology of English Lyric
November 2, 2017
Allen at Naropa on “Basic Poetics” continuing from here AG: So we’ll go back to Edmund Waller or do a bit more of (John) Milton. But I would like to get to Edmund Waller for a while, for a brief while. Is that alright? Is that… “Go, lovely rose”  (on page three-oh-five).[…]
Comprehensive Reading
October 12, 2016
Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) AG: Edmund Spenser is a colossus, and he’s so big that I think we’ll go around him Except, maybe, one or two, one or two little short things – the Epithalamion – a big Leviathan poem here, marriage poem. What I would suggest is that you go home and[…]
Chaucer – Merciles Beaute
November 3, 2015
Merciles Beaute  Your eyen two wol slee me sodenly,   I may the beautè of hem not sustene,   So woundeth hit through-out my herte kene.   And but your word wol helen hastily   My hertes wounde, whyl that hit is grene,         Your eyen two wol slee me sodenly,   I may the beautè of hem[…]
Kerouac / Shakespeare
November 2, 2015
Allen’s  1979 Naropa  class on Basic Poetics continues. He continues surveying the early English poems in the Norton Anthology     AG:  “Merciles Beaute” by Chaucer – (page)  53  –  What I’m hitting are the prettiest.. the prettiest rhythms, prettiest rhythms and images that I remember, that I’ve learned when I was going to[…]
Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – 29
January 23, 2013
AG: So, anyway, the reason I got off into quantity was.. [back to Sir Walter Ralegh’s “The Lie” – Allen sings, to harmonium accompaniment, the first two stanzas of the poem – “Go Soul, the body’s guest,/ Upon a thankless errand/ Fear[…]
On Michael McClure’s Birthday
October 20, 2011
From Ghost Tantras in 1967 to Of Indigo and Saffron – New and Selected Poems (2011) (and, indeed, from way before that, and stretching on), Michael McClure‘s muse has been distinctive[…]