Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 370
June 15, 2018
It’s the anniversary today (born 1763) of the birth of the great Japanese haiku poet, Issa [Nanao Sakakai –  “Inch By Inch” – translations of Issa – “Katatsumuri Sort-soronobore Fujinoyama” (“Inch by inch -/Little snail/Creep up and up[…]
Barry Farber Interview – 4
April 15, 2018
We continue with the transcription of Allen’s appearance on Barry Farber’s 1976 radio broadcast. In this episode, a punk Jonathan Robbins appears to the consternation of Barry Farber, and Allen discusses, among other things, ecology (eco-consciousness) and the apparent difficulty (alleged impossibility) of translation.  BF:  (The Beat Generation) ….was every[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 337
October 13, 2017
This coming Wednesday, next Wednesday, October 18th, at The Beat Museum,  “Huncke and Louis” – A Film Screening with Laki Vazakas, a rare chance to see Vazakas’ tender[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 313
April 28, 2017
Allen’s new book, The Best Minds of My Generation, selections from Allen’s lectures (not to be confused with the lectures transcribed here on the Allen Ginsberg Project), “mercifully reduced to 455 pages, shorn of repetitions, student interventions and Ginsberg’s habit[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 289
October 14, 2016
Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco, 1965, photo c. Larry Keenan Yesterday’s announcement of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize still has us reeling. Better late than never,  Allen’s letter to the Nobel Committee, from November 20, 1996 (sic): “Dear Members of the Swedish Academy,  For the Nobel Prize in Literature[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 228
July 24, 2015
From the interesting collection – Literary Ephemera – 14 Postcards From Popular Authors:  – “Dear Ed (White) – Sorry we keep missing each other, love to Justin. I have been occupied learning music, recording new original songs, collecting all my old recent poetry, returning from traveling. I just haven’t had time to[…]
Baudelaire’s Birthday
April 9, 2015
  “Baudelaire would have liked Billie Holiday” (Allen Ginsberg journal note, December 1960).  (Actually, we just finished celebrating Billie Holiday on the occasion, this past Tuesday, of her centennial, but today it’s Charles Baudelaire – April 9,the anniversary of the birth of Charles[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 204
January 16, 2015
Herbert Huncke Centennial Celebrations at the Beat Museum today – Laki Vazakas, Hilary Holladay, Ben Schafer, Dennis McNally, Brenda Knight, Regina Marler and Tate Swindell look back upon and discuss Herbert Huncke’s genius.  Two weeks since the last Friday Round-Up, so a bit of catching up to do.  Here’s (talking of the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 198
November 21, 2014
Tonight, Allen Ginsberg in the Netherlands/1983 Revisited – Hans Buhrs, Joep Bremmers, Eddie Woods, Jacq Palinckx, The Mondriaan Quartet….. this Sunday at La Commune Cafe in Oakland, California – Michael McClure and Diane di Prima, and Ouroboros (Sheldon Brown, Clark Coolidge, Andrew Joron, Joseph Noble)… Gary Snyder recently appeared in Berkeley to[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 196
November 7, 2014
Mash-Ups – As we noted in an earlier post, “The ubiquitous Tom Waits-Allen Ginsberg mash-up, “Closing Time”/“America” has got to be one of the most-accessed Allen Ginsberg items on the web” (plenty of listeners still thinking, erroneously, that they must’ve[…]