Jacqueline Gens Interview

[Jacqueline Gens – Photo: Allen Ginsberg]

Long before she began working with Allen Ginsberg in the 1980s, Jacqueline Gens was inspired by the Beat writers. Discovering their work when she was in her teens, she points to Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Kaddish” as one that “just rocked my world.” A poet in her own right – she was a director and a founder of the Master of Fine Arts Programme in Poetry at New England College, and for many years worked at the Naropa Institute (now University) in Boulder, Colorado, where she first met Ginsberg – Gens played a crucial … Read More

Raymond Foye on Allen Ginsberg’s Photography – part 2

Raymond Foye on Allen Ginsberg’s photography – continued from yesterday

JS: Robert Frank was obviously an important influence for Allen.

RF: For most people I knew, Allen was a real hero, but Allen had his own heroes, and Robert was certainly one of them. Allen worshipped Robert. So the photography was a way for him to bond with Robert, and to be his student. He had another friend who was a photographer, who lived above Strand Books (in New York), Hank O”Neal. He was the commercial agent for Berenice Abbott. He was another person whom Allen relied on for … Read More

Ginsberg in India


Jeet Thayil‘s radio documentary, Ginsberg in India, currently available here,

provides the occasion for a brief review of that always-intriguing subject. 
American poet, Bob Holman (along with producer-editor-director, Ram Devineni), a few years back, made a film-documentary, Ginsberg’s Karma
(This may be seen in its entirety here
Deborah Baker‘s authoritative book, A Blue Hand, we’ve already featured (along with notice of the remarkable symposium that took place at the Asia Society in New York, in 2011, following the publication of that book). 
And, of course, there’s the primary source, Allen’s own published … Read More

Clemente, Ginsberg, Orlovsky on India – 2


[Francesco Clemente works on his portrait of Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – c. The Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

[Allen Ginsberg – Indian Journals]

Continuing from yesterday –  Clemente and Ginsberg and Orlovsky on India

[Baba Allauddin Khan (1862-1972)]

Peter Orlovsky: I took one lesson from Aaashish Khan, the eldest son of Ali Akbar Khan, whose father was Allauddin Khan, the great sarod master at the turn of the century. He changed the sarod, and made it sleeker. The sarod is fruitless.It’s a bit like a violin, but you hold it lower, in your lap. It’s … Read More

Clemente Ginsberg Orlovsky on India – 1


Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky and Francesco Clemente –  From 2011’s  Clemente Made In India  (the complete transcribed conversation is available there, but first appears in print, earlier, in 1992, in the exhibition-catalog for the Clemente exhibit, Francesco Clemente – Evening Raga and Paradiso, which took place that year at New York’s Gagosian Gallery) We feature today (and tomorrow) a few brief excerpts from that conversation More observations and insight – Beats in India  

Francesco Clemente – A legend says that Benares [Varanasi] was a beautiful garden inhabited by all the Gods, and was particularly dear
Read More

Francesco Clemente


Six beautiful images from Francesco Clemente’s web-site today (all from the ‘Eighties). One water-color portrait and five elegant collaborations (three from Black Shroud, one from White Shroud, and a concluding work, from “Images from Mind and Space“). No particular reason to be featuring Clemente today, other than that these are breath-taking images. Reason enough.  A previous post on The Allen Ginsberg Project on Francesco Clemente, incidentally, may be seen here 

[from “White Shroud” – Allen Ginsberg &  Francesco Clemente, 1983 – Ink, … Read More

Gelek Rimpoche’s 75th Birthday


Tomorrow – Gelek Rimpoche‘s 75th Birthday – This evening in New York City there will be a special gala event (with musical guests Paul Simon and Philip Glass, and more) hosted by the painter Francesco Clemente, a “diamond birthday celebration”, in his New York studio. On Sunday, in Ann Arbor, at the Jewel Heart Center, celebrations continue – Tenzhuk (Long Life) Puja at 11.00 a.m. and a Joyful Birthday Reception at 3.30 p.m. For more on Jewel Heart – see here For earlier notices on Gelek on the Allen Ginsberg Project – see here and … Read More

On Bob Dylan’s Birthday

[Bob Dylan and  Allen Ginsberg in Albert Grossman’s kitchen, photo: c. Douglas Gilbert]

Raymond Foye has generously provided us with this account (that first appeared in the 1990 Dylan anthology, Wanted Man (edited by John Bauldie). The Allen Ginsberg Project today celebrates Bob Dylan‘s 72nd birthday

The Night Bob Came Around 

Late one night I sat in Allen Ginsberg’s East 12th Street apartment with Allen and Harry Smith, the eminent ethnomusicologist and folklorist. We were looking at a new batch of photographic prints delivered that day by Brian Graham, a freelance printer who had been working for Robert … Read More

Art, Creativity and Tibetan Buddhism

For those of you in the New York City area, here’s a chance to catch Gelek Rinpoche, Philip Glass, Francesco Clemente and Michael Imperioli on the same stage discussing relevance of art & spirituality in a benefit event for Gelek Rinpoche’s Jewel Heart Tibetan Buddhist organization. It’s at the Great Hall at Cooper Union, in lower Manhattan, Saturday May 9th, 7pm. Check Jewel Heart’s website for more details and tickets.… Read More