Pound and Waller (“Go dumb-born book”)
November 20, 2017
AG: Then (Ezra) Pound (on page one thousand and six). He thinks it [Waller’s “Song”} ‘s so good that it’s his high-water mark, so he wants a... And, in Pound, it’s amazing, it’s one of the few cases in the history of English poetry where somebody made an[…]
More on Metrics – 4
November 16, 2017
AG:  Well, so we have “Go lovely..” and I was thinking – “Tell her that wastes her time and me” – “Tell her that wastes” (da da da da)  – “her time and me” – “Tell her that wastes her time and me”  – seems to be two halves, equally cadenced –  […]
More on Metrics – 3
November 15, 2017
AG: Well, it’s not that that you need to be able to understand it  to write a poem. It’s not perverting your speech to get those rhythms. Rather, it is that speech does have those rhythms, and that you can follow the cadences with those rhythms, that when we were[…]
More Observations on Ezra Pound
November 1, 2017
Ezra Pound died 45 years ago today in Venice, Italy. He is buried  in the Cimitero di San Michele (along with other twentieth-century icons – Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky..) Allen, from his recollection, of a conversation, in the restaurant of the Pensione Cici in Venice, some five years earlier: “The intention was[…]
Ezra Pound’s Birthday
October 30, 2017
October 30, the anniversary of the birthday of the forever-controversial, impossible-to-dispense-with Ezra Pound. There’s a new book coming out (it appeared in the UK earlier this year), focusing on Pound’s long post-World War II incarceration at St Elizabeth’s  – Daniel Swift’s The Bughouse – The Poetry, Politics and Madness of Ezra Pound.[…]
Vowels and Music – (Poundian Poetics)
October 2, 2017
continuing with Allen’s commentary in his 1980 Basic Poetics Naropa class on “Ezra Pound’s Manifest” AG: I was talking about it .  There’s partly some element of cadence – da da da da-da da da da –da – “O Thou steeled Cognizance whose leap commits” –[…]
Ezra Pound and “The Duration of Syllables”
September 27, 2017
“If the verse makers of our time are to improve on their immediate precursors we must be vitally aware of the duration of syllables of melodic coherence, and of the tone leading of the vowels” (Ezra Pound) AG: So now what is this?. “The duration of syllables” he (Pound)[…]
Ezra Pound’s Manifest
September 26, 2017
AG: So here’s another comment on it (“To Mr Henry Lawes And His Airs”) – and then I’m comparing that with a little thing I saw copied out – “A Preface to Poems by Basil Bunting 1950, from[…]
“Harry, whose tuneful and well-measured song..”
September 25, 2017
Allen Ginsberg’s 1990 Basic Poetics class at Naropa,  continuing from last week. AG: On page three-two-four – “To Mr Henry Lawes on His Airs” – “Airs” – tomb – “Lawes and Jenkyns be thy guest…” – remember from Ezra Pound? Pisan Cantos? – “Lawes and Jenkyns[…]