Eric Mottram and Philip Whalen 1985 Naropa Reading
December 30, 2017
  Eric Mottram] A vintage Naropa reading from July 21 1985 in two parts for this weekend. Today, the first part, features Eric Mottram and Philip Whalen. Anne Waldman gives the introductions. Allen Ginsberg tomorrow. AW: We’re pleased to have Eric Mottram, Philip Whalen and Allen Ginsberg reading – and Eric and[…]
Eric Mottram (1924-1995)
December 29, 2017
  Our focus today – Eric Mottram, (1924-1995), author of  (among many other titles)  the brief survey, Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties – a poet, critic and scholar, a central figure in the English/transatlantic connection, one of the earliest, most astute and most passionate, readers and observers and commentators on Allen’s work.[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 324
July 14, 2017
For all you sticklers for detail out there, Sunday July 17, Allen’s appearance with Sopwith Camel, was in 1966. The following year (1967) found him in London, speaking at Steven Abrams‘ “Legalize Pot Rally”. Barry Miles was inevitably there. There weren’t too many classic moments of the “Sixties when Miles wasn’t  present! […]
Beat Britain in the 1990’s
August 23, 2012
This BBC radio documentary from the early ’90’s (broadcast here, courtesy You Tube, in two parts) features an avuncular host, Ian McMillan (with a broad and delightful Barnsley accent) in search of the Beat custodians in England’s strangely bland and soul-less cultural climate. The first person that he visits is Kevin Ring,[…]
Allen Ginsberg In The Sixties
May 19, 2011
Bob Dylan’s unsolicited remarks about not being censored, but, rather, retrospectively, contained,  him being soewhat over-simplified as mere “sixties icon” (he was speaking of his recent Chinese experience) gave us, here at the Allen Ginsberg Project, some food for thought. “The Chinese press…tout(ed) me as a sixties icon…posted my picture all over[…]