Richard Lovelace (Althea and Lucasta)
January 3, 2018
Allen Ginsberg, continuing his 1980 Basic Poetics class at Naropa – here AG: Well, he lives only..  (Richard) Lovelace lives only forty years. The commentator here says,  “a life of only forty years spent in such vicissitude give little opportunity for that retirement from the world that art and[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 330
August 25, 2017
Allen Ginsberg on tv, May 7 1968 on Firing Line With William Buckley from the Letters column in last weekend’s New York Times Book Review “Reading Ann Douglas’s review of Allen Ginsberg’s “The Best Minds of My Generation” (Aug. 6) reminded me of a chance meeting with Ginsberg in the early ’60s.[…]
July 12 1995 – Part One (Ginsberg, Blaser, Brown)
July 12, 2017
Anniversaries. We love anniversaries.  July 12, 1995.  The above group-reading at Naropa, twenty-two years on. The above six were joined by Steven Taylor (on several pieces, as accompanist) and Andrew Schelling and Max Regan giving introductions).  The tape begins in media res with Allen reading  from his “visionary dream”  of the past[…]
Robert Creeley – 1
February 6, 2017
continuing with transcription of  Allen Ginsberg’s Basic Poetics class from February 1980 (Feb 27) at the Naropa Institute   AG: Who’s got the right time?…  So, last time we were.. so..  what you were just doing before was Ted (Berrigan), Ted’s class. How many[…]
Expansive Poetics- 67 (Symbolism & Imaginism)
June 17, 2014
Allen’s Summer  July/August 1981 Naropa class on “expansive” poetry (most especially, early twentieth-century Russian poetry) continues today with some preliminary “theoretical bullshit” AG:  (So). Going back. I want to go back and remind us of a poem that we had read which was by (Osip) Mandelstam, which is not in our (class)[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 58 (Emily Dickinson)
October 2, 2012
AG: That’s really terrific for direct perception, for first perceptions, direct perceptions, transfered physically to the page, word by word. In the same place,[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 55 (Samatha)
September 26, 2012
AG: We’re on (page) 39 (of Pictures From Brueghel by William Carlos Williams). Now, does anybody know the poem by Emily Dickinson, “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died” ? Does anybody remember the full poem? ( I don’t know if we have a (copy of) Dickinson(‘s poems) around Student:[…]