Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 379
August 17, 2018
Today Friday August 17,  Ed Sanders‘ 79th birthday.  Is there anyone more maverick, indefatigable? – ““Noli in spiritu combueri” –  Salute! –  Refuse to be burnt out!” Ed’s been featured many times here on The Allen Ginsberg Project –[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 283
September 2, 2016
  Edson cemetry, Lowell, Mass. The exact location. Bob Dylan and Allen visiting Jack Kerouac’s grave. We’ve featured Bob Egan‘s conceptual recreations – Popspots – before –  here.  Here’s his re-staging of two of Ken Regan’s iconic photos. Here’s another of his Popspots ( “Pot Is A Reality Kick” – Benedict J[…]
Eliot Katz – The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg
December 17, 2015
Eliot Katz‘s new book, The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg is now out from David Wills’ Beatdom books.  For more details, see here  Read his earlier response – (an unpublished letter to the New York Times)  “Ginsberg Apolitical?  I don’t think so” – hereMore of Eliot-on-Allen here and hereKurt Hemmer writes:[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 248
December 11, 2015
     Allen Ginsberg, June 1959 – Photograph by Joe Rosenthal Peter Hartlaub‘s engaging article for the San Francisco Chronicle‘s sesquicentennial history project, (on the Beat Generation), is well worth reading, (as are the photographs (like the one above) worth perusing) – Allen reading Doctor Sax.  Here‘s a posting from earlier in the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 221
June 5, 2015
  The David Olio “Please Master” case (our focus last week) remains in the news (as well it should). Here’s Jerry Aronson, director of The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg reading recently-unearthed transcriptions of Allen explaining his intentions and inspiration for writing the poem:  “Some situations are exuberant, like “Howl” or[…]
Wednesday June 3 – Allen Ginsberg’s Birthday
June 3, 2015
Every year it blossoms. The tree planted in memory of Allen in the back yard at St Mark’s Church – the flowering dogwood, the good old Kousa dogwood. It did it again this year (See previous flowering dogwood here, here and here) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN!  Birthday celebrations tonight and a stellar reading[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 209
February 20, 2015
    Linda Cronin and Linda Hillringhouse – first-prize winners at the annual  Paterson, New Jersey. Passaic County Community College Allen Ginsberg awards – Congratulations you two! Tonight, in NYC (at the Cornelia Street Cafe) – Eliot Katz, Bob Rosenthal, and others – an hommage to Allen Ginsberg (the first of a[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 114
February 22, 2013
Another notice (see the flood of notices last week) of Allen’s photographic Beat Memories show – Tim Keane (on Hyperallergic) – “”I Noticed My Friends” – Allen Ginsberg’s Photography” – “At best these pictures are a celebration within a[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 108
January 11, 2013
Next Wednesday, January 16 in New York – Join Allen Ginsberg’s friends, collaborators, relatives and co-conspirators – Lou Reed, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, CA Conrad, Andy Clausen, David Amram, the Arthur Russell tribute band, Arthur’s Landing, & others for “a night of poetry and song” in one of the quintessential[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 105
December 21, 2012
December 21 – Today’s the day for the official U.S. “On The Road” opening. Walter Salles’ film has already been playing (in various versions) in Europe (and elsewhere) for some time now. (See earlier posts about it here and here and here) but today – Winter Solstice – it officially hits the[…]