Spenser – Like As A Huntsman..
October 27, 2016
Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) AG: Okay, next – (Edmund) Spenser! – We’ll have a little bit of Spenser anyway. Page one-sixty —page one-sixty . I thought that one long sonnet, an odd sonnet he’s got there. We’ll take one sonnet anyway. Did we do this? Did we do that Sonnet 67  […]
Edmund Spenser (Epithalamion)
October 13, 2016
AG on early English poetry continues AG: Well, I think I’ll read one stanza (the first and last stanza of the Epithalamion)  just to get to swing through one long stanza, strophe, or whatever you call it. ” Ye learned sisters which have oftentimes Beene to me aydinge, others to adorne;[…]
Comprehensive Reading
October 12, 2016
Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) AG: Edmund Spenser is a colossus, and he’s so big that I think we’ll go around him Except, maybe, one or two, one or two little short things – the Epithalamion – a big Leviathan poem here, marriage poem. What I would suggest is that you go home and[…]