Investigative Poetics – 2 (Ed Sanders – 2)

AG: There was a break-in into (Ed Sanders‘) house, where he kept all his stuff, and all his magazines and files and mimeograph stuff . Some of it was stolen. A lot of it was thrown around on the floor. And, at first, we thought, “well, maybe it was some meth-heads that resented him, or maybe it was local narcs, or.. who was it? – (Well), it turns out, years later, this year [1977] I went to Washington to visit a lawyer friend, Ira Lowe (who was the lawyer for a lot of the peace demonstrators in 1967, … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 1 (Ed Sanders)


A new Naropa transcript – “Investigative Poetics” – Allen Ginsberg sits in for Ed Sanders‘ June 9, 1977 Naropa class. He begins by speaking briefly on Sanders, giving a little of their (shared) background, recalling the ‘Sixties, and Ed’s legendary Peace Eye bookstore.

AG: I’m curious, though, how come you’re here? or, what’s the.. what’s your particular interest in this class? Are people here because they know of Ed Sanders‘ work? or.. how many here know his work already? How many know it from (knowing) him as a poet? And how many know of him from … Read More

Ed(ward) Sanders

Ed Sanders 74th birthday today. We want to salute this indefatigueable cultural warrior, as he so eloquently and movingly salutes his beloved mentor Allen, here:

Here‘s a recent reading/performance, this past January in Buffalo, New York at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Here’s two presentations/readings in New York,  following the publication of his Fug You memoir (at Boo-Hooray Gallery, and at St Marks Bookstore).

Some vintage ‘Sixties Sanders – here‘s Ed, reading “Cemetery Hill” at the Berkeley Poets Conference in 1965. Here‘s Ed reading “Soft Man 1” and “Sheep” in 1966.

Here’s two from … Read More

Fugs Howl

And here’s one more from the Thelma Blitz Tuli Kupferberg/Fugs archive trove – “I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rot”, The Fugs lively 1966 musical interpretation of Allen’s classic“Howl” (which first appeared on the ESP disc, Virgin Fugs). Contributions to the video also from Jeffrey Lewis and Norman Savitt. That is, of course, Ed Sanders taking the lead vocal, but Tuli can be heard intoning here too.

1968 Beat Exorcism

Thelma Blitz’s dutiful documentation of The Fugs and, most particularly, the late great Tuli Kupferberg, we mentioned yesterday. Here’s a montage by her to audio of a fabled and curious event – the 1968 “Exorcism” at the Grave of Senator Joe McCarthy, in St Mary’s Parish Cemetery, Appleton, Wisconsin







[Senator Joe McCarthy (1908-1957)]

Ed Sanders, in his recent memoir, Fug You, (despite contrary, incendiary, reports), describes the action as “dignified and respectful” (occurring, as it did, just a few months after he and various other Vietnam war protesters staged their

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William Blake’s Laughing Song

Laughing Song by William Blake

When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy And the dimpling stream runs laughing by, When the air does laugh with our merry wit, And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.

When the meadows laugh with lively green And the grasshopper laughs in the merry scene, When Mary and Susan and Emily, With their sweet round mouths sing Ha, Ha, He.

When the painted birds laugh in the shade Where our table with cherries and nuts is spread Come live & be merry and join with me, To sing the

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The Beats at Naropa. Edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright


[The Beats at Naropa, edited by Laura Wright & Anne Waldman. Coffee House Press, 2009]

Anne Waldman & Laura Wright’s The Beats at Naropa has been on the shelves for almost a year now, but since we just recently got our hands on Marc Olmsted’s review of the book, it’s more than worth mentioning again, alongside Marc’s, thorough, entertaining, and anecdotal walk through the book, that gives us a little background on Naropa as well.

Beats at Naropa

Marc Olmsted

The cover photo says it all. It’s 1975. There’s Allen Ginsberg with Bell’s Palsy after an allergic reaction to antibiotics … Read More

Paris Records

Paris Records have got to be the best kept secret of the last 10 years, but hopefully that will all change with their revamped website making all their back catalog heaps more accessible. Paris Records is the brainchild of Michael Minzer & producer Hal Willner, these two all the while concocting genius projects dating back to Allen’s 1987 The Lion For Real, and William Burroughs’ Dead City Radio. More recently they released Gregory Corso’s Die on Me and a second Corso that includes Marianne Faithfull titled Lieders (there was just too much good materiel here not to release this … Read More