Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 316

[Allen Ginsberg with Jon Sholle at the recording for Allen Ginsberg/William Blake – The Songs of Innocence and Experience]

Excited to have received early advance copies  of  Pat Thomas‘ remarkable follow-up to the The Last Word on First Blues  CD-set, (release-date isn’t until June 23) – the  two-CD re-packaging of the Blake songs – The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience.

For a previous announcement on that important and highly-anticipated project – see here

Did we mention, May 8th, Gary Snyder‘s recent 87th birthday – this?  (an extensive and illuminating interview in Lion’s Roar ) –  … Read More

Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy

[ Wavy Gravy (Hugh Romney) – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg –  Ginsberg caption – “Wavy Gravy & his rubber nose, giant Seva Benefit organized by Ram Dass at Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Manhattan November 26,1988, seven thousand soul attending, Wavy the M.C. for part of the evening, here in a side chapel south of the altar.” November 26, 1988″]

We missed out on noting his eightieth last year but Wavy Gravy (Hugh Romney), legendary counter-culture clown turns eighty-one today.

Here’s Dave Lawrence’s recent interview with Wavy on Hawaii Public Radio’s All Things Considered

Here’s Richard Whittaker’s 2010 interviewRead More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 308

Heads-up for next Friday! (Friday April 7) – Ginsberg Green – “A spoken word & musical gathering honoring the life and Green activism of Allen Ginsberg” – a unique celebratory event, organized by our good friend Patrick Warner, scheduled to take place at The Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Mass, starting approximately 6 o’clock.

The event will include Ann Charters (reading from Lospecchio Press’ Best Minds – A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg),  Gordon Ball (reading from his Cherry Valley memoir, East Hill Farm), and  Warner himself reading  “selected Ginsberg texts & interviews that exemplify & manifest Ginsberg’s Green … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 283


Edson cemetry, Lowell, Mass. The exact location. Bob Dylan and Allen visiting Jack Kerouac’s grave. We’ve featured Bob Egan‘s conceptual recreations – Popspots – before –  here.  Here’s his re-staging of two of Ken Regan’s iconic photos.

Here’s another of his Popspots ( “Pot Is A Reality Kick” – Benedict J Fernandez‘s much-circulated image of Allen at the LEMAR (Committee To Legalize Marijuana) protest, Christopher Street at 6th Avenue, New York City, January, 1965


Oscar Wilde !854-1900

Patti Smith reading Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol ? Reading Gaol (HM Prison, Reading) … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 170

William Burroughs Centennial – We’ll begin with the above, a short biographical documentary put together by the Los Angeles Review of Books, featuring Burroughs’ biographer, Barry Miles – “William S. Burroughs – 100 Years“. [William Burroughs, NYC, 1984  – Photograph c. Kate Simon]

James Parker, in The Atlantic, on Burroughs (and Miles’ Burroughs biography) is well worth reading (as is Davis Schneiderman & Philip Walsh‘s 2004 Retaking the Universe – William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization, now presented with a new preface and  new introduction, and available, in its entirety, on … Read More

Gregory Corso’s Birthday

[Gregory Corso, aged 31, Tangier, Morocco, July 1961 – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]


 [An Accidental Autobiography – The Selected Letters of Gregory Corso (edited by Bill Morgan) (2003)]

Kirby Olson has been compiling a “crowd-sourced on-line biography” of Gregory Corso since 2010. He sees John Aubrey’s classic, Brief Lives, as a model, and envisions a multi-faceted, impressionistic, “pointillistic biography”, (“leaving it”, as he declares,” to some later person to connect all the dots”). Here’s Anne Waldman’s exemplary start-up contribution: Gregory Corso

Anne Waldman: “Gregory Corso invaded my shower one day in the little Townhouse apartment I … Read More

Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac – 2

 “I would say he [Jack Kerouac]  offered his heart to the United States and the United States rejected his heart. And he realized what suffering the United States was in for, and so the tragedy of America, as (Walt) Whitman had seen the tragedy of the United States. “When the singer of the nation finds that the nation has sickened, what happens to the singer of the nation?” This is Gregory Corso‘s question. 

And America, by his day, was sick. Militarily sick. Military-Industrial-Complex had taken over. Hard-heartedness had taken over. Everything that as a Canuck-peasant Kerouac … Read More

“I Shall Be Released” (1980’s Woodstock Jam)


Happy Traum just put this up on You Tube, and we were all uplifted and figured that, without any further ado, we just had to share. To quote his accompanying note – “This is an excerpt from a benefit concert in Woodstock, NY in the late ’80s to honor our sister city in El Salvador. Rick Danko and Happy Traum are sharing the lead singing with other members of the (extended) Woodstock music community: Artie Traum (lead guitar solo) John Herald, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Amy Fradon, Leslie Ritter, Mark Rust, Mikhail Horowitz, David … Read More

Ted Berrigan’s Birthday

[Ted Berrigan (1934-1983)]

Ted Berrigan‘s birthday. Ted adored Allen. Alongside the late-lamented Frank O’Hara, he was the one. Ted had this embarrassingly patriotic poetic tribal conceit, and in that context Allen was “the President” of Poetry (analogous to Allen’s own gleeful imaginative “shadow cabinet” – “Vachel Lindsay Secretary of the Interior/Poe Secretary of Imagination/Pound Secty. of Economics..” (Death to Van Gogh’s Ear)

a particular poetic form (a quintessential “New York School” form) – the list poem

OUR FRIENDS Ron: the tight-ass Dick: the insignificant Pat: the dowdy old lady Anne: the superficial sentimentalist Bill: the spoiled … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 6 (Pound and Paranoia)


File:Museo del Prado - Goya - Caprichos - No. 43 - El sueño de la razon produce monstruos.jpg

[Francisco Goya (1746-1828) – El sueño de la razon produce monstruos” (“The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”) – Plate 43 of  “Los Caprichos” (“The Caprices”), (1799), etching and aquatint on paper 8.4 x 5.9 inches –  in the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain]

AG: (tape continuing in media res, after brief pause)  …a big paranoiac projection – got that down on tape? – The whole study, finally, leading to the conclusion that it was just a.. big paranoiac projection, and that maybe you’re crazy (or, maybe, they‘re crazy – or maybe you’re all crazy together!  And

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