Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 308
March 31, 2017
Heads-up for next Friday! (Friday April 7) – Ginsberg Green – “A spoken word & musical gathering honoring the life and Green activism of Allen Ginsberg” – a unique celebratory event, organized by our good friend Patrick Warner, scheduled to take place at The Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Mass, starting approximately 6[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 304
February 24, 2017
Michael Schumacher‘s collection of miscellaneous Ginsberg interviews, First Thought, as we mentioned last week, will be published very soon. Meantime, it’s worth considering Schumacher’s other titles, his masterly distillation of The Essential Ginsberg[…]
Friday ‘s Weekly Round-Up – 162
January 24, 2014
For all our Spanish-speaking readers, Luis Costa Palacios’ piece, in Diaro Cordoba, recalling, twenty years ago, Allen’s visit to that city, is well worth a read. He came, as part of a delegation to the XVII Congreso Internacional de Aedean , and his appearance, in Palacios’  words,[…]
Walt Whitman’s Birthday (Suit)
May 31, 2011
That the above images (from Eakins’ studio) of a nude elderly man are authentic images of the “good grey bard”, poet Walt Whitman, was first argued by Ed Folsom in the Spring 1994 issue of the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review. Since[…]