Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 308
March 31, 2017
Heads-up for next Friday! (Friday April 7) – Ginsberg Green – “A spoken word & musical gathering honoring the life and Green activism of Allen Ginsberg” – a unique celebratory event, organized by our good friend Patrick Warner, scheduled to take place at The Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, Mass, starting approximately 6[…]
Allen Ginsberg in Austin – Interview – 1978
March 18, 2017
Interviewer: So we want to figure out what’s best, you know, what will be most comfortable for you. What I want to do is an oral history of the ‘Sixties and Austin’s an interesting area because there’s a major university with a lot of anti-war… There was a segregtion case, a very[…]
Studs Terkel Interviews Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass on WFMT, Chicago 1990 – part 2
September 25, 2016
Philip Glass – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – Kiev Restaurant, NYC, 1993 – Photo  c. Allen Ginsberg Estate continuing from yesterday ST: Resuming with Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass, poet (and) composer working together. We heard just a piece of the very haunting “Satyagraha – the Evening Song“, earlier, that opened the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 282
August 26, 2016
The second-part of an in-depth interview with Michael Horowitz, Timothy Leary’s longtime archivist, recently appeared. The first (posted back in November 2015) can be seen here. The second, brings Allen in to the picture (Lisa Rein, the Archives digital librarian,[…]
Gary Snyder 1983 Naropa Reading – 2
December 13, 2015
    Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Christopher Felver   Gary Snyder in the Sierras, 1994 – Photograph by Christopher Felver Gary Snyder reading at Naropa, 1983 – continues from yesterday    GS: We live at the three-thousand-foot elevation on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada in the Yuba River[…]
Gary Snyder 1983 Naropa Reading – 1
December 12, 2015
Gary Snyder‘s reading at the Naropa Institute, on the occasion of the 1983 publication of his collection Axe Handles is this weekend’s feature.    The transcription of the reading will appear in two sections.    The reading begins with an introduction by Allen Ginsberg     AG: (This will be) the first reading by Gary Snyder[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 178
June 6, 2014
  Two weeks since the last “Round-Up”, so let’s get right down to it… Not-to-be-missed – Distant Neighbors, the Selected Letters between Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder, just published by Counterpoint. Watch the video of the two together, in conversation, at the recent (2014)  Festival of  Faiths in Louisville, Kentucky (moderated by[…]
Gary Snyder’s Birthday
May 8, 2014
This past February, as part, (part two), of the Tales From Two Cities – Writing From California Conference, (held at the Los Angeles Public Library, under the auspices of the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West), Gary Snyder (following an enthusiastic introduction by LA Times book critic, David Ulin, and with the assistance of, and with[…]
Allen Ginsberg June 1986 Radio Interview
September 7, 2013
City Lights put up (as a podcast, on-line) earlier this summer, an interview (a phone-interview) with Allen, dating from the mid-1980’s, the (Ronald) Reagan era, (June 2 1986, in fact, the day before Allen’s 60th birthday!). We thought to shine some more light on it, to feature it this weekend.  Here follows[…]
Allen Ginsberg – 1996 Sarasota tv Interview
June 2, 2013
Allen’s (87th) birthday tomorrow, but we figured to get a little into the spirit of things today. Here’s a gem, recently uploaded to You Tube – Allen, interviewed by Patricia Caswell, in 1996, in Sarasota, Florida (on local television – “Sarasota Arts Today”). The occasion is the publication of his “Selected Poems”[…]